Bragdeal Revamped a Website for Rodney’s Oyster House

In collaboration with Rodney, Bragdeal revamped a website that clearly communicates its message to new potential customers, in line with the main objectives.

Website Overview

Restaurant Web Design

A seafood restaurant requires a website that portrays an appetizing menu, aqua-themed environment, and great vibes.

When Rodney’s came to Bragdeal for a website revamp, they have established what the main goals were, and started working on a website that has a funky style, unique in its nature, and clearly delivering its message to new potential customers.


Analyzing the Market

Unique Web Design

BragDeal wanted to create something that not following the standard grid of long landing pages. The strategy BragDeal went with included page click-through, minimal required steps to book a reservation, and a very intuitive browsing experience.

Fits Any Screen Size

Mobile Responsive Design

Having two restaurants in the center of the busiest areas in the Lower Mainland, it was Bragdeal’s top priority to ensure the website operates smoothly on a mobile device.

Most people in the downtown area are attached to their phones. When deciding on a restaurant, it’s almost an instinct to look up a good spot on Google which leads to a website. BragDeal wanted to ensure that everyone that lands on Rodney’s website, would 100% make a decision to visit the place.

User Experience

Interactive Web Design

Part of creating a unique seafood restaurant website design meant creating custom elements for specific areas of the site.

BragDeal decided to create a 3D animation to illustrate falling boxes. The boxes are meant to portray the seafood storage area, giving the restaurant an authentic seafood vibe.

UX and UI Web Design

Website Launch

Each detail on the page mattered. From the loading animation to the way the page opens up, everything was part of the unique composition. Each time the page loads and the elements slide into place, there is a sense of excitement and curiosity to learn more.

Once the entire site was completed, it was time to do the last final tests and launch it to be available publicly!


Fonts Used


H1 Stardos Stencil

In order to represent the company’s brand, BragDeal has selected this font to display the main text of the website. Being the first thing that users will see, it was important to create a specific association to the restaurant’s vibe as soon as the first sentence is read.

H2 Paytone One

Being a very bold font, BragDeal has selected this one for menu and title items in order to get them to stand out among the images and other content on the website.

P Montserrat

A very modern yet elegant font that flowed well with the website’s overall theme. BragDeal selected this font due to its ease of reading and clear typography.






BragDeal has taken a website that had difficult navigation, a large learning curve of how or where to find things, an old-school approach, and gave it a full facelift.

Traffic Increase

One of the major focuses was to get more customers to visit the restaurant. By doing proper research on the target audience and analyzing the competitors, BragDeal was able to create a website that draws attention.

More Intuitive

Users should not have to learn how to use your site as most of them won’t. The new revamped website BragDeal has created for Rodney’s is now a much cleaner layout that allows users to find what they need.

This major website layout adjustment has removed over half of the bounce rate rating which is a very good thing. On average, anything less than 50% is considered an engaging website. What this means is that users come to the page and actually stay around longer, browsing around the site rather than leave right away.


Organized Structure

Aside from redesigning the frontend look, BragDeal has also focused on ensuring the backend is well organized. Search engines value it, load time is improved, and the admin has an easier time navigating around and making changes as needed.

By complying with search engine requirements, BragDeal has doubled the organic search results.

Derek K. Marketing Manager at Rodney’s Oyster House said:

I’d definitely recommend BragDeal to others. I think that you are a leader in the website development and analytics and bringing all that stuff. And taking someone’s vision of what they want and bring it to real life online. So I definitely recommend to any other restaurant, if you’re looking to get more action on their website and really show their brand off.

About Bragdeal

BragDeal is a Vancouver Web Design and Marketing company. It is one of the leaders in web design solutions as well as branding, marketing, and consulting in the Lower Mainland. With over 13 years of combined staff experience in the design field, they are proud to have a workflow system in place that is both efficient and reliable.

They work closely with each one of their customers and create a plan that brings results. They provide one on one customer service where they learn about your ideas, needs, and specifications. Their goal is to create custom designs, which are both unique and modern, and strive for a delivery that exceeds expectations.

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