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Boost Your SEO Marketing Campaigns In 2018 With 3 Strategic SEO Tasks

Is it true that you are searching for key strategies to enhance your SEO strategy in 2018? With the consistent algorithm transforms, it can be overpowering to stay up with the latest on your SEO tasks.

However, there are some key advances you can execute that will enhance your online visibility straight away.

1. Boost Page Speed to Enhance Ranking

Google seems to have just made an announcement that from July 2018, it would be regarding mobile page speed as an important factor for ranking on mobile search results.

It is known to us that page speed would be impacting UX or the user experience and numerous facets of UX are key ranking factors.

We have been observing that the faster any web page actually loads would ensure that visitors would stay behind longer and would be converting to paying customers as compared to visitors to the relatively slower websites.

Most businesses have a fantastic scope for improvement as their websites are performing poorly.

Some Super-Effective Ways for Improving Page Speed:

• You may invest in high-performance reliable web hosting
• Effectively reduce all HTTP calls simply by the combination ofJavaScript and CSS files, removing WordPress plug-ins and using sprites
• Effectively compress and scale pictures
• Improvise server catching, Gzip compression, compressing pictures
• Implement server caching, Gzip compression, and browser caching
• Minify JavaScript and CSS files

2. Include & Integrate Video into All Your SEO Endeavors

Impressive videos would be able to retain the interest and attention of interested visitors who have come to your website and compel them to stay longer.

This signifies positive User Experience and this would be creating an advantageous influence on your site’s organic rankings. Moreover, when videos are published on YouTube, you are exposing your specific brand to a wider audience via search results of the YouTube.

You would leverage the YouTube domain’s authority so that you could get an opportunity for getting all your videos ranked highly in the search engine results of Google.

Some Effective Ways of Incorporating Video into the SEO:

• Create videos to demonstrate who you actually are and what precisely you are doing. Videos must be created to answer all relevant questions that come to your prospects’ mind regarding your services, products, and your industry as well.
• Optimize all your stunning videos on YouTube
• Embed your videos on YouTube to your website for keeping visitors engaged so that they are compelled to stay longer.

3. Build Links with Your Personal Brand

Any person who has run a website for a decent amount of time will have received a boatload of link requests, most of which are absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, most of the link requests you have sent are likely quite terrible as well.

Cold outreach has always been a tremendously challenging task and not a particularly rewarding one. It involves demanding help from a stranger without building any rapport, which really doesn’t work.

Volume and brute force don’t get things done as effectively as sound relationships.

You will find that once your personal brand is up and running, it is much easier to build relationships and effectively build links back to your content.

Powerful brands get linked to even without asking; that’s how magical it is.

You can build a brand by sharing valuable content pertinent to your industry, engaging regularly with your audience and being known as a superb presence in the industry.

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