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Bobble Calls To End The “Live For Once” Trend

A brilliant promotion for a bottle brand called Bobble, which delivers a quality message with an unexpected twist!

Created by 72 and Sunny, the new ad for Seventh Generation, an environmentally-safe household products company, is a satirical take on the life-loving beautiful Millennials that have plagued the advertising world like a viral disease.

What starts off as another one of those too-carefree commercials, on closer inspection reveals a fake promotion for a faux single-use plastic bottled water brand, dubbed “Once”.

The 60-second spot for Bobble, a water bottle brand, features a bunch of youngsters being reckless, scattering bottles (bearing the fictional label “Once”) all over the place and having a ball at it, while a mocking voiceover belies the ad’s real message:

Once is now. Once doesn’t think twice. Once never looks back, never thinks ahead. Once knows the world’s just a theme park that closes tomorrow. That’s why we drink tomorrow today. No consequences, no regrets. Someone else can clean up our mess while we live for Once. Who gives a sh*t about the future? At least we’re hydrated.

The ad then segues to the lines, “Time to end single use plastics. #endthetrend,” after which Seventh Generation’s reusable bottle, Bobble, takes center stage on the screen.

The campaign film titled “Live for Once” attempts to establish Bobble as a “smart and stylish” alternative to the fading fad of single-use plastic bottles, like the fabled “Once”.

The ad in so on fleek with its takedown of the prevalent YOLO theme and the free-wheeling approach that has developed in advertising (as well as, the broader culture), that clever sight gags, such as a pool full of floating garbage while a girl lounges in it, or a pair of youngsters tossing off bottles on the street like confetti – do not even seem out of place, but rather add to the amusement.

With an intelligent argument such as this one and a switcheroo done brilliantly, a message that could seem boring or educational instead reads off as charming common sense.

Kudos to 72 and Sunny for this biting attack on the idiocy of current trends and making a convincing point while at it!

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