Blue Fountain Media Recognized Their ‘BFMers of the Month’ And Interviews Their Colleagues, Thomas Duffy and João Silva

Blue Fountain Media selects an all-star team member as its “BFMer of the Month”, for each month. For May and July, they’re excited to recognize their Talent Acquisition Manager, Thomas Duffy and Head of Development, João Silva and as their recipients!

So, they sat down with Thomas and João to discuss their journey in the Digital Marketing industry, as well as their roles at Blue Fountain Media.

Check out Thomas’ and João’s interviews below.

• What has been your proudest moment at Blue Fountain Media?

Thomas: My proudest moment at BFM definitely has been watching people grow from interns into valued long-term members of the team.

João: Every moment I get to spend working together with the BFM team to help pursue our client’s project needs is a moment I take pride in.

• If you could switch jobs with another BFMer, what role would you choose?

Thomas: I would switch jobs with our System Administrator Charish Patel because he gets to interface with all of our team members!

João: I would most likely move into the UX/UI team. As a developer, I’ve always enjoyed architecting solutions that would ease the user experience.

• What drew you to Blue Fountain Media originally? And how has Blue Fountain Media changed since?

Thomas: I was referred to BFM by a friend of mine from high school in 2015. Since then I’ve seen things change quite a bit. Ranging from new team additions to an office move, as well as an acquisition by Pactera.

João: The possibility to work with a large scale Digital Agency that had so many great clients. Blue Fountain Media has grown and evolved over the years, moving into a different space, renewing itself and its process. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing, as we’ve changed so much, but definitely the capability for immediate growth has been the most compelling transformation, as it allows us to scale to accommodate for larger projects or clients.

• What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Thomas:“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

João: That every team member is valuable and should always be considered in every decision that needs to be made.

• How do you describe what you do for a living to family and friends?

Thomas: I usually say something along the lines of “I message strangers on the internet and tell them why BFM is such great place to work and grow your career.”

João: I tend to explain that I manage a team of developers on a global scale, helping clients pursue their business goals by developing experiences. If I’m really pressed for a simpler answer, though, I always default to “I make internet pages”.


• What’s your favorite catch phrase or quote?

Thomas: Things don’t always work out how you draw them up on paper.

João: Vince Lombardi’s “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”.

• What’s your most interesting/embarrassing office story?

Thomas: Our HR Director printing a poster of my picture and LinkedIn Recruiter stats for 2018 and putting it up in the main floor!

João: It would definitely be my first day at the office in New York. After a weekend of traveling and preparing to walk through the door and meet everyone I had been working with for the past 6 months, I ended up being sent back to the place I was staying at for the next couple days, as there was a snow storm hitting the city, which cut my already short one-week visit into a 3 day visit. Talk about bad luck!

About Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency based in NYC. By creating lovable experiences that merge imagination and technology, they help brands move from now to next.

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