Bison Grid Built a Website for a Brand of Burlington Media

The Burlington Media Group commissioned Bison Grid to build a website for ‘Briefing’, a new legal sector publication and events brand.

In just 3 years, the website became the most successful publication in the Burlington Media Group and a well-known brand within the legal community.

Bison Grid’s Brief

The website had to be built from the ground up and needed to support the brand’s core revenue streams (advertising, publication sales, and events).

The Solution

Bison Grid took the time to understand the platform’s revenue-generating pillars (advertising, publication sales, and events) in order to learn how the website could best support them.

Bison Grid used this research to build an integrated, bespoke system that included:

  • A sophisticated modular content management system
  • An advertising management system
  • Analytics and tracking (including email tracking)
  • Events management (including an events calendar and events content)
  • An email marketing system that would support the sending of PDFs (which most email platforms don’t)
  • Integration with SalesForce CRM – to enable the sales team to follow up leads

Bison Grid created a prototype that enabled the client to ensure the functionality was fit for purpose before the website was built.

Bison Grid also made sure the site was flexible so it could evolve over time.


The Outcome

Over three years, the website has grown into the most successful publication with the Burlington Group as well as a leading brand within the legal community.

What the Client Says

David Sparke, Director, said:

Our business has grown consistently over the last 5 years and Bison Grid has been an invaluable partner on this journey. We trust their judgment when advising us of the right technology strategy for the business and enjoy the benefits of great service in relation to outsourced support.

About Bison Grid

Bison Grid is a digital agency focused on achieving customer objectives through smart analysis and creative problem-solving. They are a very experienced team of data analysts, web developers, and system administrators.