Bester Capital Media’s Business Growth Partner Mazhar Suleman Talks About The Trends That Will Shape Marketing

Mazhar Suleman, the Business Growth Partner of Bester Capital Media answered our questions about the agency and innovative digital marketing trends.

We also learned about the agency culture and differences in the digital marketing industry in the UAE. Keep reading to learn more about Bester Capital Media‘s business approach and Suleman’s predictions on the future of digital marketing.

Q: Bester Capital Media is a leading innovative technology and digital marketing solutions agency in UAE. What is the agency’s story?

Becoming Business Growth Partners has been our mantra since the day we started this agency 7 years ago. The dream was to have a progressive approach that brings innovation, creativity and customer-centric solutions to the market. As time passed, our matured processes and delivery methodologies brought sustainable business growth for our business partners (Clients).

Negating the run-of-the-mill business approach, our vision has always been to help organizations seize competitive advantage via digital transformation and technology adoption at scale.

Since, the UAE market at that time was still curious to know that how digital can unlock avenues for growth, we took it as an opportunity to share our experiences and expertise to transform brands digitally and help unleash their true potential.

Q: What sets UAE’s digital marketing agency industry, apart from the rest of the world?

Smart city is what we call Dubai, direct engagement of the country’s leadership in endorsing Digital & Technology initiatives has given it global recognition in terms of revolutionizing the digital ecosystem.

Today, UAE has become one of the highest internet penetrated countries and the government’s inclination towards embracing technology has transformed the lives of inhabitants for better. Initiatives such as Dubai Smart City clearly reflect the nation’s stance on improving transparency, efficiency and cost reduction.

Moreover, UAE’s tech-savvy population has proved to be alluring for entrepreneurs, giving rise to a dynamic start-up culture. After recent acquisitions of local online platforms such as SOUQ & CAREEM by Amazon & Uber, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dubai is the Silicon Valley of Middle East.

We as well have great contributions in supporting entrepreneurship culture in the country by being technology partners of [email protected], an entrepreneurial event sponsored by Khalifa Funds & Prince Andrew, Duke of York to help seed funds for innovative business ideas.

Q: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are an integral part of marketing. How will they shape digital marketing in the near future?

Since AI enables us to detect and predict how patterns will form in data, we as marketing people are now better able to access insights for shaping business strategies accordingly.

AI & ML being the driving force for providing seamless digital experiences has the aptitude of completely automating marketing, expedite analysis of audience data, enabling personalization at scale, optimizing content strategies and adding advanced functionalities that improve organic performance and security.

Here, I’d also like to mention the importance of cloud acting as a force multiplier for the scalability of these technologies, making them more economical to implement.
With the ability to accumulate data, evaluate it, apply it and then learn from it- AI will be transforming digital strategies across industries.

While AR, VR and Voice have been around for quite a while now, the practical applications for these technologies are still rare despite the fact that they can reshape the way we market digitally. Also, the massive adoption of AI-powered chatbots has led companies to amplify the overall experience thus reflecting better results in ROI.

You’ll be surprised to know that 21st Century Fox is now relying on audience signals and data to market their movies to the right type of viewers.

Q: What are your predictions on the future of data-driven marketing?

Geographic information will emerge as its own customer data point, empowering hyper-personalized experiences. Both foreground and background tracking in totality will enable a seamless collection of data based on wherever we go and everything we do.

In the future, brands will leverage this information to offer better incentives and relevant content based on a customer’s location. Also, utilizing location data like beacons and geofences in-store, marketers will be better able to provide recommendations based on personal preferences.

As technology advances, data-driven marketing will undergo a seismic shift, opening growth avenues for businesses. Marketing technologies of the future will definitely make the marketer’s life effortless, enabling them to focus more on strategy, creativity and relationships.

Q: Bester Capital Media is also providing marketing automation services. What challenges do small businesses face in implementing marketing automation?

The market has become ambitious to see complete automation implementation. Key challenges faced include absence of proper systems and processes, lack of digital fluency, disorganized data, little to no access to analytics, inability to adapt and foresee long term benefits and standing at a lower digital maturity level.

Automation in the SaaS industry has transited from a buzzword to real-time application. Our marketing automation solutions are helping businesses by letting the software manage repetitive marketing tasks thus enabling them to decrease dependency and increase work efficiency with least human intervention.

Q: What are the key factors that drive marketing automation solutions?

Factors that drive marketing automation solutions include dynamic segmentation, customized data, tracking, cross-channel and multi-channel targeting, deep analysis of user behavior, buyer personas and in-context conversations, automating workflows centered on goals, setting up triggers and most importantly constant measurement, A/B testing and optimization.

Q: How do you determine the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for a new product during a product analysis process?

When determining the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), we follow a strategic mantra of finding the “Competitive Edge”. When conducting the analysis, we make sure that customers buy from our clients and them alone.

I’ll just sum up the process to make it easier for our viewers to understand:

• Know characteristics that customers & prospects value
• Rate yourself against your competitors according to the defined criteria
• Identify areas where you outperformed
• What sentiments do we trigger and how people can relate?


Q: Can you describe what is it like to work in Bester Capital Media? What’s the agency culture like?

I always call BCM – a people’s business and believe in sharing the same values. My people, my team are the most important and integral part of my organization and I make sure I prove that with actions by providing a career path and growth. Similarly, they take care of BCM & it’s clients as it’s their own business.

We support a collaborative culture where people have fun doing what they do every day. Positivity is the only way we deal with challenges on a daily basis.

Working in BCM is no longer a job, it’s a lifestyle where we regularly participate in activities that encourage work-life balance. Our culture enables teams to enjoy every moment of work-life and all of this adds to the sustainability of a positive yet productive culture.

Q: After you receive a client brief, how do you come up with new ideas, insights and strategy for a new project and what is your approach behind them?

After receiving a client brief, we refer to a data-centered approach as working in the UAE requires an understanding of different nationalities, ethnicities and things that resonate with the audience of a particular segment.

Relying on our data mining tools and state-of-the-art research practices, we try to dig down deep into audience sentiment and mindset.

BCM’s approach is quite tactical, it comprises of determining the client’s position, identification of strategic issues, conducting an environmental scan, carrying out a competitive analysis, audience segmentation, developing SWOT and finally defining action items.

Q: What are some useful digital marketing tools and platforms that help you and your team accomplish your everyday goals at Bester Capital Media?

We use a wide variety of tools which include data visualization platforms such as Tableau, ERP & CRM solutions from HubSpot & Microsoft, Google, Hootsuite, Social listening tools (vaizle), and our proprietary AI-enabled tools to accomplish everyday tasks.

Q: How does being a DAN member contribute to Bester Capital Media’s success?

Being a DAN member has really helped us in terms of telling our story to the world. DAN has connected us to the global agency community and strengthened our position in the cyberspace.

Q: Tell us something about BCM’s “Next Big Thing”?

At the moment, there’s a lot going on at Bester Capital Media.

To name a few, we have a real estate investment portal by the name of which has recently been recognized by the Dubai Land Department. Chiragh is definitely something that would disrupt the global real estate space.

Also, we’re keenly focusing on developing our own AI-enabled chatbots and programmatic advertising solutions.

Rest, as mentioned earlier, there’s a lot in the innovation pipeline, you’d have to stay tuned to Bester Capital Media to learn more about how we aim to revolutionize industries, people and verticals.

Q: Where do you see BCM 10 years down the road?

A: Any business that thinks of their success, I would like BCM to be their first choice, as their success partners and to assist them in turning their dreams into reality.

Since we’re a progressive company with a constant aim of evolving ourselves to meet the competitive market, I foresee a bright future for Bester Capital Media as being one of the top business growth partners in the world that specializes in providing sustainable solutions that actually create a positive difference.

Q: How do you differentiate BCM from other agencies in UAE?

I’d say, it’s not only the organization’s processes, systems or tools that makes it different but rather the vision that makes it stand out of the crowd.

As mentioned earlier being “Business Growth Partners” is always our approach at BCM, and I believe once my team indulges into any project, they dig deep to understand and identify viable solutions for challenges.

Our core strengths as an agency are the commitment to serving clients as their business growth partners, assured quality in all operations from strategy to execution and beyond and defining viable growth roadmaps for success rather than serving on a one-time basis.

With a rich acumen of customer-focused strategies and comprehensive analytics, we help our clients succeed in the long run. We have a knack for blending innovation with creativity and are amongst the early adopters of AI-powered programmatic advertising.

Q: How do you keep your employees motivated?

First off, we negate the typical approach of sustaining an employee-employer relation. For us, our people are our partners in growth.

We work to improve their lives as professionals, providing them a myriad of facilities in terms of technical skill development, opportunities and exposure. We invest in their careers to make them key contributors in innovations happening across the world.

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Bester Capital Media is Dubai’s leading digital marketing & advertising agency. As a full-service media company, they help brands increase ROI, attract customers, convert leads & more.

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