Top Digital Agencies in the UK for Real Estate Agents and Companies

The real estate business has seen the best and the worst all over the world in the last couple of years. With the help of property digital marketing agencies in the UK, real estate businesses can compete with their rivals in the UK and succeed online.

Implementing a digital marketing plan is the new normal in real estate industry just like in other sectors. To stay ahead of your competition, you must begin to take digital marketing seriously, since it is critical for increasing brand awareness, visibility, and drawing more customers to your firm as a real estate company. 

Digital Marketing Agencies Experienced in Real Estate Industry

Finding the best digital marketing agency for real estate marketing can be a challenging process in the UK. To sell a million-pound property in a slow market, you don’t necessarily need more advertising, but you need more effective digital marketing strategies to outpace your competition.

These 7 outstanding digital marketing agencies will help your real estate business prosper in this competitive industry:

  • Crowd
  • The Good Marketer
  • Prototype Creative
  • Fifteen
  • Blaze Media
  • Mayple
  • Startup Development House


Crowd, property marketing agency in the UK

As a real estate digital marketing agency, Crowd put its signature under many important real estate marketing projects.

Having expertise in this sector, Crowd was tasked with creating the W Residences website for their Palm Jumeirah location, and they did an excellent job working within the brand guidelines to produce a stunning website and positive outcome for this prestigious global hospitality brand.

The site was designed to inspire and capture leads from its digital audience, encouraging luxury property enthusiasts to invest in a fully-serviced beachfront home at Dubai’s W Hotel Resort on the Palm Jumeirah. For this project they offered lead generation, nurturing new market activation, brand development and guardianship, content, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and many more.

The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is a digital agency in London, providing proactive, effective digital solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. 

the good marketer real estate marketing

As a real estate agent or a medium-size real estate agency, you will be welcomed with a team of experienced professionals ready to skyrocket your business. 

The Good Marketer provides digital marketing services for real estate companies and agents in the UK. They are based in London, yet they are happy to help real estate businesses in the whole UK. 

Prototype Creative

Prototype Creative is a full-service digital agency based in Sheffield. The agency is known for its professional services in various industries. Real estate industry is one of them.

Prototype Creative, digital marketing agency for real estate

Prototype Creative provides services in many areas from web design to SEO, from PPC to branding.

Working with Prototype Creative will help you grow your customer base in the real estate industry. If you want to get professional support from a digital agency with real estate marketing expertise in the UK, you should definitely consider getting in touch with Prototype Creative. 


Fifteen is an award-winning digital marketing agency in the UK. It has offices in London, Nottingham, and Cambridge. The agency gets its name from its managing director, Ollie Pidubriwnyj who designed his very first project at the age of fifteen. Then when he founded the digital agency, they decided to name it Fifteen.

At Fifteen, one can get various digital marketing solutions such as creative design, web design, digital marketing, and case studies. By working collaboratively, they aim to provide the best digital marketing experience for their customers.

Fifteen has an experienced team of professional digital marketers specialized in real estate marketing agencies. They have been offering solutions and services to grow businesses for agents and real estate businesses in the UK. 

Blaze Media

They claim that they are the ones you have been looking for as Liverpool’s Number 1 Digital Marketing Agency, it is possible that you will find the digital service that you are looking for if you ever get in touch with Blaze Media experts.

They have an answer to those who ask the question: ‘ Why to work with a digital agency and why Blaze Media?’. They give the answer to these questions by using numbers. Only in 2019, the campaigns created by the agency itself generated over 20,000 leads for their customers. However, do you think that they are done with it? No, they put a target to double this number in 2020. 

Blaze Media is a digital agency that is experienced in real estate business, cares for your business, and guarantees to make the performance of your company better.


Mayple’s professionals believe that each business should have the access to be in contact with top experts and technology just like how big brands have. So they aim to serve all companies of all sizes so that they receive world-class digital marketing experience. 

Mayple property marketing company

Mayple has profound experience in the UK real estate business and its top professional marketers are looking forward to aiding agents and company owners in the UK.

Mayple has offices in the US and Israel. It is considered to be one of the best real estate marketing agencies in the US. They have clients all around the world and they serve all sizes of companies no matter a huge company or a small business.

They have experts especially specialized in the real estate business. Mayple will definitely be one of the greatest choices of real estate marketing agencies for agents. 

Startup Development House

Startup Development House knows well how to innovate the right way. This is their company motto. They are based in Poland, yet they have branches all over Europe and the US. They are a multinational and multilingual digital agency.

They have an office in London, UK and they call the team there the number one remote development and web design team in the world. 

The company has a number of experts composed of not only marketers but also engineers, designers, and consultants. They will be more than willing to meet you in person or over the phone and help you grow your real estate business in the UK. Do not hesitate to have a look at their website.

These real estate digital marketing agencies can help you to succeed and reach more customers in the UK. In today’s digital world digital marketing is needed for almost all of industries and real estate is one of them.

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