Best Online Advertising Strategies That Work In 2020

Every new year is a kind of opportunity for the Online Advertising Industry. Businessmen are ready to accept almost all new trends and often get disappointed later. So, we have talked to successful marketers to find an answer.

What are the best online advertising strategies for 2020?

Before we will try to reveal it, what one should understand is that there is no magic “pill”, or “super-marketers” who know what to switch on and which button to press to increase the traffic.


Main motive of all the strategies we have described is attention to customer, personalization of ads and the campaigns. Read the article till the end to get more details.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

It never means that the ad is ok, if you like it. Study your audience and find their typical problems, wishes, fears and needs.

Show in your materials that you know how to solve a daily problem for a typical customer; Tell them you care about them and know the treatment.


No Action Without a Strategy

No matter how big or small your business is, you should clearly understand what your goals are.

It is ok when you have a start-up and you are the only one who knows the plan, but if you are an owner of a holding, it should be also available for those who participate in realization.


Be Mobile

We have heard different pieces of advice. But that one was where all the experts see eye to eye. This idea is not so clear yet, but should be very helpful for offline businesses.

We know that every year is announced as a “mobile year” for online advertising, but mobile audience are now two times more than desktop ones – so, you will pour money down the drain if you ignore such huge group.
Each business can see for itself which type of mobile interaction will be the best: website for mobile devices, an app or advertising on tablets and smartphones.

In mobile marketing, you can work on your brand awareness, find new audience, tell about discounts or even a purchase.

The ads such as typical banners or native ads can be used as interstitials in the apps. People are even more loyal to the latter ones, as they don’t even look like an ad.

Overlook Your Content

It is not a secret that ad-block software becomes more and more popular. Thus we need high quality and good content for the users to solve their problems or at least call positive emotions.

By doing so, you will kill two birds with one stone: your old clients will be more loyal and new ones will be attracted. What is more, new market needs can be formed.

People really appreciate if you remember each of them. Thus, a personalized mail-out will work;

Talk to your customers in social media (you don’t even know how excited people are when a branded shop has replied in publicity to their question or replied in a vlog), share infographics with useful information about most discussed topics in society, and make a short webinar.

Video Advertising

Online video advertising is a growing tendency to use video for online advertising, but the difference now it should be a stable and sufficient part of your strategy now.

A vivid example, video bloggers are often used to advertise a certain product or service. Think of the needs of a customer you make video for and fill it with the content that will help him to answer his questions.

Simon Stone, Digital Commercial Director at Time Inc and member of the IAB UK Video Steering Group gives an overview of the online video advertising world in the video below:

Interactive Content

It is obvious that people do like the content where they can actively interact. Infographics, quests, quizzes, polling and similar staff have been becoming popular in recent years.

Add such materials for your next advertising campaign and you will be astonished by the results.

Social Media

It is a perfect stage to launch a campaign. Hurry up if you haven’t done it yet. People spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to chat with friends and sometimes bosses.

The number of social media users worldwide in 2018 is 3.196 billion, according to the Global Digital Report 2018 shared by a global agency, We Are Social and Hootsuite.

Sources: Hootsuite & We Are Social

Clever targeting on location, gender, age and other filters like hobbies and interests will open an amount of people you have never known before.

People sometimes find it difficult to search your website on the Internet. Instead, they tend to write to you directly on Facebook and get a prompt help at the same time of chatting with friends or watching a funny video.

You will win a lot as you will get directly impressions about your product, what people liked and what generally expect from your brand.

You can show that you are not a far celebrity, but somebody, who is really close to clients.

Be Ready to Share for Free

It is not implied that you should give your products for free, but the customer should feel you are not a formal or computer-like organization, but ready to hear and help.

You need to show them that not only goods make values but also your attention and time. Help and give some advice for a new or old customer when you are ready. It may be extra wrapping for a fragile good that was not expected by rules.

This doesn’t really take much but shows your openness to a client. So, next time when he needs the same service or thing, you will be the first one he recollects, as you have already cared about him.

Online advertising strategies change every day. However, first of all, try to talk to your clients by organizing a meeting or face to face conversation. It is one more, but extremely powerful marketing tool as these kind of meetings help building trust.

New technologies are inevitable, but we should get the material to ask “right” questions, and when you see your clients as real people, you will discover what you should be asking to create the right strategy for them.

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