Best of 2019: An Ultimate Coverage of the Greatest News and Updates From the Member Agencies

Presenting an ultimate coverage of 2019 from our member agencies, their updates and achievements!

We are happy to present a compiled list of our favourite news and updates from the last year. So, Digital Agency Network is here to present a coverage of 2019 to remember a year of spectacular achievements and revisit some of the best contents. Hoping that 2020 promises a lot more, greater news and hoping to achieve, new initiatives.

You can read the whole agency news and updates completely by the titles below, enjoy!

Fifty Five And Five Expands To The US


Leading London-based digital marketing agency Fifty Five and Five have opened their first international office in the tech capital of Seattle, Washington. 2019 has been a year of great success for Fifty Five and Five. With 50% of the company’s revenue coming from the US and Canada, the choice to open an official US office was a natural progression.

Founder of the company, Chris Wright says of the agency’s US expansion,

We are really proud of our international client base. Putting down permanent roots in the US will help us better serve our current clients and drive even more growth. Given our specialism in the technology and IT sector, and existing clients like Microsoft and Google, Seattle really is the perfect place for us to base ourselves.

This expansion isn’t limited to the US – the Fifty Five and Five has also secured a new central London office to accommodate its growing team. In the company’s first five years, it has seen incredible growth in revenue and a 50% increase in headcount each year.

Luminary’s Rebranding Makes The Shortlist At The Melbourne Design Awards


Rebrand of Luminary was entered into the Melbourne Design Awards by the Melbourne based branding agency Seesaw, and it’s made the shortlist.

The digital agency “Get Started” has marked its 20th year of operation with a new agency name – Luminary. Collaborating with the branding agency Seesaw, the united team embarked on an intense 18-month strategic rebranding process which resulted in Get Started emerging as Luminary in July 2018.

Rainfall Designs Deep Learning Powered Identity For DeepCube, A Company Advancing AI


DeepCube is a deep learning company building technology on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence that wanted an identity that spoke to their expertise without exposing the details of their approach.

The system designed by Rainfall is built on the correlation between artificial intelligence and human personality, where people tailor themselves to every individual or situation they encounter, and consistently present that version of themselves at every subsequent meeting.

A memorable cubic framework forms the brand’s foundation and is combined with a mesmerizing network of neurons and synapses. These organic elements were dynamically constructed by ingesting hundreds of diffusion tensor brain images into a deep learning platform to produce a visual framework from which endless unique compositions can be made.

This combination of art and science expresses the power and possibilities of DeepCube’s cognitive computing.

Here’s Major Tom’s Point Of View About Instagram’s ‘No More Likes’ Action


Major Tom labels the new move as Instagram’s farewell to peer pressure and other social updates.

With Facebook’s annual F8 conference ringing in the month, the agency picked the biggest news from the Facebook family of apps. From AR to stronger communities, the social media network is trying to give users a higher quality of connection online.

No likes on Instagram?
A long-rumored feature was officially confirmed. Instagram will pilot its program to eliminate like counts from the newsfeed. This move is in league with their overall initiatives to improve mental health on social media by eliminating opportunities for negative comparisons. Major Tom is happy to see the focus back on content, rather than the number of people reacting to it.

Looking For Something To Read? Here Comes Edgar Allan’s Summer 2019 Reading List


Summer in 2019 was spent like: the season for porch parties, beer festivals, Braves baseball, Hooch shooting… and summer reading lists.

So, Jaime Lin Weinstein, Writer at Edgar Allan gathered a list for a few things to read in the season. She assumes the idea of the summer reading list came about because summer is typically associated with travel and vacations — particularly beach vacations, days lounging in the sun providing ample time for getting into a good book. But whether or not you have a summer vacation planned, you should make the time to read regardless because books are good for you. On so many levels.

RNO1 Released Their Revolve Program Piece, A Design–Subscription Model For Fast Moving Brands


There is an asymmetry between the way our business culture is evolving, and the way agencies are responding to this evolution.

Start-up culture has pushed the ‘move fast and break things’ attitude. Agencies have adopted and leveraged the products of this culture (digital advertising, social influencing, SEO, etc.), but most have not aligned themselves with the aforementioned attitude, held by the majority of the tech companies reshaping every aspect of our world.

What is Revolve?
Revolve, from RNO1, is here to change this. By purchasing blocks of agency hours for use on an as-needed basis, for various projects based on shifting priorities, your brand can harness the scalability and agility of tech culture, without the long-term contracts and lengthy proposals of present-day agencies. Whether your brand is in its infancy, hitting a crucial growth stage, or settling into a long term strategic push, Revolve provides the convenience of a full-service agency, compressed for the modern business and media spheres.

Pound & Grain Released Their Podcast Series – Here’s One About Social Media Strategies


If you don’t know, now you know!

Pound & Grain released a digital news show based on podcast series called Version Control to discuss the industry’s hottest topics and more. Their most recent podcast is about social media and how to position yours by developing certain strategies keeping recent trends in mind.

According to them, good brand strategies are hard to come by. So a brand needs a clear mission and vision first to have a Social media strategies are an extension of brand strategies and without going too deep into the forest of buzzwords, you can think of it as a true personification of your brand. To reach success nowadays, a social media channel must allow to act like people, in order to avoid the channels to become ad platforms. If you’d like to be capable of the whole podcasts released by the agency, you can listen and download Pound & Grain’s Version Control podcast episode #49 on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts.

An Ultimate Guideline About Maintaining Your Brand In The Digital Age By Crowd

an-ultimate-guideline-about-maintaining-your-brand-in-the-digital-age-by-crowd (2)

‘Brand’ is word that is thrown around by many different people in many different contexts, and not always accurately, so when we talk about brand guidelines, we should perhaps begin by setting out what we mean by ‘brand’, as Crowd starts to explain.

By definition, branding is the practice of defining a set of symbols to represent an organisation, that are easily recognisable as belonging to that organisation, to help identify and distinguish its offering, products or services. Moreover, your brand is arguably your greatest asset. Crowd’s brand consultancy offering includes company naming, development and strategy, positioning and visual identity, as well as solutions for hosted brand hubs and asset libraries.

Impression Is Shortlisted For The UK Agency Awards 2019


Multi-award winning, UK-based digital agency Impression has recently been shortlisted in three categories of the UK Agency Awards 2019.

UK Agency Awards recognise quality in agencies based in the UK. A number of highly respected agencies are nominated for various categories. They have a chance to showcase the best of their works of the year. Our member agency Impression has announced that they have been shortlisted in the categories of the UK Agency Awards 2019 as below:

Best PR Campaign
Impression is nominated for the Best PR Campaign award with its digital PR campaign for their client Tonik Energy. The ‘best PR campaign’ award is given to the agency that is able to prove how their PR campaign has delivered tangible results through creative PR ideas. Since it was launched, the campaign has earned more than 130 new links to Tonik Energy’s website and coverage in the national press, local press and trade press as well.

Hallam Shortlisted For Two International Google Awards


Nottingham based digital marketing agency Hallam has been shortlisted in two categories in the Google Premier Partner awards. The first award the team of PPC experts has been nominated in recognises their skills in delivering Google Shopping campaigns that have boosted client sales.

And the team has also been nominated in a second category, the Growing Businesses Online award which is awarded to agencies who demonstrate unrivalled expertise in business growth online. In particular, Google are looking for a track record in helping clients to reach new milestones.

Aumcore Announces Voice Search Solutions For Local Businesses


As voice search becomes increasingly popular with smartphones and smart speakers becoming more common, voice is becoming the new keyboard. From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant, more and more users are connecting to the internet via speech.

Let’s start with some facts and figures to get an idea of the voice search industry. As of January 2019, more than 40 million Americans have brought a smart speaker into their homes; Amazon’s Alexa series encompasses over 70% of these devices. Even more impressive is Google’s announcement that over 20% of the 1.2 trillion searches conducted on the search engine every year are accomplished through voice.

Voice search gives users the freedom to lead their day as they please while still having access to information. This is exactly why Aumcore has decided to help brands connect with their target audiences through comprehensive Voice Search Solutions that guarantee results.

KOTA Does It Again – A Successful Launch Of Jamie Oliver’s 3rd Book “VEG”


For the third time in a row, London based creative agency KOTA created the marketing campaign for Jamie’s latest book “VEG” published by Penguin Books.

It was rolled out internationally on 22nd August, across various platforms including out of home billboards, digital displays and all forms of online advertising. KOTA created a campaign in line with the book’s philosophy that vegetarian cooking is for everyone – from gym bunnies to couch potatoes. Bold visuals and playful tone of voice appeal to those who already love veggie dishes, as well as to the ones who still hesitate to make the switch. KOTA is looking forward to collaborating on Jamie’s books in the future.

Another Year Of Successful Marketing: Crowd Turns 7!


The 16th of October 2019 marks Crowd’s 7th birthday and it’s been another year worth celebrating for their staff around the world. They’ve worked with some fantastic clients on some great projects – some of which won awards so don’t just take their word for it!

Crowd celebrates another year of successful marketing. As candles are blown out and cake consumed, let’s take a look back at Crowd’s 6th year and some of the achievements they’re most proud of. Here’s to an eventful 12 months of our member agency…

Ridgeway Has Won Consumer Site Of The Year At The Wirehive 100 Awards


The digital agency Ridgeway has won Consumer Site of the Year at the Wirehive 100 Awards 2019 for the website they designed and built for Krispy Kreme UK. For the past seven years, Wirehive 100 have celebrated the outstanding creative and technical talent in the South of England, offering a recognised and credible benchmark of digital excellence.

The winning entry in the Consumer Site of the Year category was the website Ridgeway designed and built for their client Krispy Kreme, the global doughnut and coffee chain. The site provides a seamless and engaging doughnut shopping experience, on both desktop and mobile, which is easy to navigate, fast to load and features a streamlined order process.

Ridgeway’s Managing Director, Simon Cole said,

I am incredibly proud of our team and their work. The Krispy Kreme website involved a lot of unseen complexities, so it is an honour to have it recognised within the industry.

Beyond Awarded Two Silver Davey’s


Each year the Davey Awards honor the Davids of the agency world who get Goliath results with nimble teams. TIn 2019, Beyond took home two Silver Davey’s; one for their antibias tool in the ‘Website – Social Responsibility’ category, and one for their Future Planet concept in the ‘Website- Green/Eco-Friendly’ category.

antibias encourages recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates based purely on their credentials and achievements — not on superficial traits. The chrome extension replaces LinkedIn profile photos and names with geometric patterns, removing any potential bias when reviewing job applicants. This supports a more accurate assessment of applicants, and helps diversify the upper portion of the hiring funnel.

Mayple Is Now An Official Google Ecosystem Enabler


The digital agency Mayple has become an official Google Ecosystem Enabler.

Advertising on Google has become very useful and highly preferred as it reaches out to a wide range of web-users. Google is where people search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Your digital ads can appear on Google when someone is looking for products or services like yours. Whether they’re on desktop or mobile, a well-timed ad can turn people into valuable customers.

Even digital advertising is crucial for marketing and sales in these days, it’s not easy to find trustable partners to work. Mayple can identify your needs quickly with their in-depth knowledge. If you want to spend your budget carefully and with maximum ROI, they will help you to set a budget that works for your business. With Mayple’s expertise on Google advertising, Google has started a partnership with Mayple.

Hallam Wins The Race Taking Home The ‘Grand Prix’ Award Again


At the prestigious The Drum Recommends Digital Awards 2019, Hallam, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, was announced as the Grand Prix winner, the top award of the night.

This is the second year in a row that Hallam has won the crowning prize at The Drum Awards, a global scheme that identifies best practices, companies and people in the marketing industry. Hallam won a total of 6 awards on the night, including Best Web Design, Best Web Development, Effectiveness, Best Client Service and Best Digital Full Service, in addition to Grand Prix.

Susan Hallam, CEO and Founder of Hallam, commented,

I am proud to win the Grand Prix Award, I think it speaks for our clients and how pleased they are with our work. Delivering high-quality work is important to us and I am delighted for it to be recognised with such a reputable award.

The award is due to the fantastic work that each and every one of the team members at Hallam put in for our clients, as well as our wonderful clients for choosing to work with us and give their time to provide such positive ratings.

Westwin Crowned “Top10 Marketing Platform” And “Top10 Go-Global Marketing Platform” At Morketing Awards 2019


Westwin, a leading digital marketing and technology company that focuses on cross-border business, was awarded “Top 10 Marketing Platform” and “Top 10 Go-global Marketing Platform” at Morketing Awards 2019 in Beijing, China. The company was named Top 10 for both categories in recognition of its outstanding performance in the field of cross-border marketing and delivery of exceptional value to clients and the industry.

Leslie Chu, the Company’s CRO, stated,

Despite the global economic slowdown, China continues to thrive and contribute to world economic growth. We have seen great developments in the fields of e-commerce, 5G, artificial intelligence, and big data in China. These breakthroughs in technology have brought tremendous opportunities for companies to expand their businesses to global consumers.

For foreign companies looking to enter China, Westwin provides comprehensive solutions for clients to understand China’s unique digital landscape and boost growth in the world’s second-largest economy.

Brilliant! Magnani’s Podcast Series Are About Innovation, Design And Experience


Produced by Magnani, Brilliant is a podcast about innovation, design and transformational experiences.

Each episode of Magnani’s Brilliant, delves into the inspiration, ideas, disruptions and downfalls that conspire to crown tomorrow’s market leaders. Let’s have a look at their last three podcasts, which are Trending Up, Get in the Game, and Innovative, Fun, and Delicious. You can listen Magnani’s Brilliant podcast series on Apple Podcasts.

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