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Best Mobile App Prototyping Tools

With the help of mobile app prototyping tools, designers can quickly create mockups of mobile designs and communicate with their clients effectively.

Wireframing and prototyping are the most essential stages of web design and web development projects and mobile application design whether they are about creating web apps, websites, or mobile apps. Prototyping tools are very helpful for designers when they need to create a mockup to show to their client in order to give them an idea of how their web or mobile design will look once it is designed completely.

Using mobile app prototyping tools, you can create multiple pages or import your static mocks, and then easily create hotspots to link to the next page with nifty transitions.

Here are 4 best mobile app prototyping tools for developers and designers. These tools are best used for showcasing the entire flow for a big feature or an entire app.


Flinto is a tool for prototyping iOS app designs. Flinto is ideal for creating quick, high fidelity mobile prototypes of iOS apps. By adding screen images, and linking them together in Flinto’s editor, users will be able to create an interactive prototype that can be shared and installed on-device.

Prototypes are created from existing mocks that must be imported into Flinto to get started.

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Invision allows you to upload working designs and create interactions by using hotspots. From basic wireframes to full-fidelity mock-ups,Invision can transform your designs for web and mobile and designers can use Invision to give clients and developers a realistic picture of the flow and function of the sites they are putting together.

It is integrated with Photoshop, Fireworks and illustrator and supports iOS and Android.

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Designers can use Keynote to create wireframes and clickable prototypes for the web and iOS mobile devices.

Keynote offers animated transitions between slides, gestural control, editing capacity of alignment, auto distribution, and smart guides. The animations offered in Keynote are fairly well-mapped to standard animations you’d get in iOS development.

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Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a browser-based wireframing and prototyping tool developed by Fluid Software and used to design mobile touch interfaces. It offers support for dynamic mobile app prototypes for Android and iOS with over 2,000 ready-made wireframe UI widgets for phone and tablet.

The editor offers straightforward workflows and processes, with a very intuitive user experience, letting you drag and drop different elements and mix them up. You can also export the entire view and use it as a flow document.

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These mobile app prototyping tools can make app creating process easier and provide a preview of how the web or mobile design will be.

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