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The Best Free Tools For Creating Awesome Infographics

Introducing you to the 5 top free infographic creation tools that make designing an infographic easier than ever before!

Infographics are smart and creative ways to deliver ginormous bundles of information in a tiny, digestible package.

This form of presentation is gaining enormous popularity in contemporary digital media, quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of content marketing.

Infographics best serve readers who have time constraints and are looking for quicker and easier ways of consuming knowledge.

However, the creators of infographics too are short on time and need simple, quicker ways to deliver their information.

Methods like Photoshop are immensely time-consuming. But do not worry.

Thanks to an incredible variety of awesome infographic creation tools out there, you can create infographics quickly and easily. Here’s our top 5 favorites:


This free web-based infographic tool offers you a wide array of templates to pick from, each can be easily customized.

It gives you access to a variety of things like shapes, connecting lines, arrows etc. You have the option of altering the font, color and size of your text.

The tool also allows you to upload graphics and position them in a touch.

Easel.ly to create inforgraphics

Google Develop

Google chart tools are popular, easy to use and absolutely free.

You can pick from the extensive library of charts and set of options to make the infographic mirror the look and feel of your brand.

It connects your data in real-time and thus makes for a powerful infographic generator tool!

Google Develop to create inforgraphics


Infogr.am too offers a myriad of choices when it comes to graphs, charts and maps.

You can customize your data as you please in an easily edited Excel style spreadsheet and preview the changes as you make them.

Once you are happy with the results you can publish it on the Infogr.am website and share it on social media.

Infogr.am to create inforgraphics


A presentation and infographic tool that creates fabulous infographics out of your data.

With its editor offering options where you can modify color schemes, fonts, upload images and shapes, as well as insert graphics.

The free version offers three themes, while a pro account costs $29 per month or $169 for a year.

Piktochart to create inforgraphics


The simplicity and ease of this tool earned it its place on this list.

Choose from themes, templates, hundreds of charts and icons, upload your own images and set themes that fit your website.

The best part? You can animate them too!

Venngage to create inforgraphics


Visme is an easy to use drag-and-drop online tool that works right in your browser and free to use.

It’s actually a bit different than most other creative tools because it allows you to create both true form Presentations and Infographics while allowing you to add full interactivity to any object.

It’s pretty neat.

visme infographic tool

Which tool do you find to be the best? Let us know!

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