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Best Free Link Building Tools for SEO in 2017

What will the best free link building tools for SEO be this year? Have a look at our list of must-have tools for link building in 2017!

Decades after their rise as crucial part of SEO, link building still remains the top strategy for optimizing the websites. Staying on track with the current trends of link building is not an easy task since this strategy gets more and more complex and confusing as technology advances.

This is why people need the assistance of some awesome free link building tools that can help keep the link building campaigns on track and allow website owners to discover new opportunities for linking.

1. Raven SEO Tools

This first tool comes in the form of an intuitive interface people can use to queue links for outreach. The Raven SEO tools or, more specifically, the Link Manager tool works by integrating with Backlink Explorer and Site Finder, with the purpose of providing its users with backlink sources.

If you are in need of some sources for your link building strategy, the Raven SEO tools offer a wide choice of free or low-cost tools.


2. Open Site Explorer

Moz has introduced the ‘search engine for links’ people can use to research and compare websites and do so without paying any fee. Right now, you can use the advantage of having your own little helper while making important choices regarding your link building.

Aside from using this explorer, you can also enjoy their MozBar, which is also free for download and use. Using these tools allows you to decide whether a certain link is a viable opportunity for linking or not.

After all, linking is a serious matter and you would not want to be penalized by Google for connecting with unreliable websites.


3. Majestic SEO

If you were wondering about the link profiles of your websites, you need the Majestic SEO.

The free version of Majestic SEO can be used for evaluation of link profiles for your own sites. If you want to dig a bit deeper into this platform, there are also paid versions that allow you to identify linking opportunities.


4. SEOquake

This tool gives you the opportunity to use their free toolbars for the majority of popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

By using SEOquake’s toolbar, you can check the value of sites you want to use for linking.


5. Tout

Even though this is not a free tool, it is extremely affordable since it starts with a price of $30 per month. This is the tool that will help you formulate the messages you will use for link outreach. By using Tout, you can easily use email templates for communication with potential backlinking websites.

Still, if you want to have personalized, professionally written messages that will convince websites for linking, you can opt for affordable writing services, such as Essay Scholar Advisor. A good writer can greatly increase the chances of starting collaboration with successful, viable websites’ owners.


6. Web SEO Analytics

This free tool allows you to check the existing backlinks for your website or blog.

Additionally, it allows you to identify potential prospects of linking and evaluate the competition. The advantage of being provided with data in graphs and pie charts makes Web SEO analytics a must-have tool for your link building strategy.


7. SEOBook Toolbar

The SEO Book Toolbar is much similar to use with the MozBar. We are speaking of a free tool that you can use to identify link prospects and determine which are promising when it comes to your website.

If you have this tool, you can look at links to the domain, directory links, estimated traffic value, page rank and age of the website you are visiting.


8. Backlink Watch


Your time-saving solution for finding the source of the backlinks- Backlink Watch. If you are wondering where your backlinks are coming from, this is the perfect free tool for you.


9. Link Nabber

In order to use the Link Never too, you need to incorporate a link to their sites. This link has to be no more than 2 levels deep from the website’s home page. After you do this, you can use the tool for free with the aim of finding forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites.

Link Nabber also gives you the opportunity to start building links and submit comments.


Are you struggling with your backlinks? Perhaps you find it hard to keep track of the links or check whether potential websites are good for linking?

Maybe you are aware that there are many tools you can use for link building, but they are too expensive for you?

If you are looking for a free, quick and effective solution, what you need is a good link building tools that will help you evaluate and find good links for your blog or website. Check the above mentioned links and see which one fits your requirements best.

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