Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Law Firms and Attorneys in Australia

Since there is a digital transformation in all businesses, law firms and attorneys also need to exist in digital platforms and boost their online presence to reach their target audience. Through the right strategies, it is not challenging to get leading positions in search results and convert website visitors into clients.

In Australia, several digital marketing agencies leverage their technology and partner platforms to deliver law firms and attorneys with improved and real results. By considering all aspects of digital marketing, those agencies are here to support them in terms of brand growth, web design, advertising, and SEO. 

If you do not know how to choose the best digital marketing agency to fulfill your needs, you can read our article to get information about the top-performing agencies in Australia. Digital marketing in this field requires experience and practice, so think carefully while deciding. 

What are the top digital marketing agencies for law firms and attorneys in Australia?

Here we list 9 best performing agencies for law firms and attorneys providing digital marketing services in Australia. 

  • Shout Digital
  • Due North 
  • OnQ Marketing
  • Bright Labs
  • Evolution 7
  • Digital Hitmen
  • Multimediax
  • One Egg Digital
  • Oacdigital
  • Butterfly
  • Removify

Shout Digital

An Australian Digital Marketing Agency that means business. Shout Digital works alongside their clients to build their brand by acquiring more customers and increasing repeat business from existing customers.

If you’re looking for a digital agency that cares about results, demands accountability, wants to push the boundaries of effectiveness, and gets excited about the chance to do work that works. Shout.

The agency works lean. Small teams, working in collaboration with you – to understand your challenge, to identify the key issues, to design a plan which triangulates your budget, your customer and your goals, to implement the plan.

Recently, Shout Digital helped Turner Freeman Lawyers grow 4x site traffic. They helped the law firm leverage the link between increased search and reduced costs per acquisition. Turner Freeman out-performed all other law firms in increased organic search rankings in NSW and QLD.

Due North

“Engineering great digital marketing that stands the test of time”

Due North is a Melbourne based agency offering its customers several digital solutions to meet their business needs. Due North guarantees a 25% annual growth and doubling your revenue in 3 years through optimized customer experience, SEO, content strategies, and web development.


Since its team of digital specialists understand the law firms, they know what their potential clients desire and how to attract their attention through digital channels.

Due North has built and grown its own business for 17 years and its expert team knows how to grow other businesses in various industries, including the legal industry.

Digital Hitmen

Digital Hitmen is a leading digital marketing agency for legal firms in Australia, with the mission of providing brands with flawless digital execution and guaranteed results.


Their team of experts will increase traffic, expand your law firm’s digital footprint, and convert that traffic into sales. They work tirelessly to maintain their position as Australia’s most innovative and results-driven digital marketing agency.

When Lawson Legal – a specialized boutique Perth-based criminal law firm – asked for Digital Hitmen’s assistance for hacking and security issues, poor web design impacting on-page SEO, and conversion optimization, Digital Hitmen worked their magic and rebuilt the website using a custom WordPress theme. The end result was a website that looked better, performed better, and was more secure.

For more detailed information about their case studies and the services they offer for digital marketing for attorneys or legal firms, you can take a look at their website.

OnQ Marketing

OnQ Marketing helps businesses get more website traffic and improve their organic growth faster. It has digital experts who know what works in any industry and do their best to get better results.

Through custom and creative strategies, OnQ Marketing provides law firms and attorneys with a blend of services including online advertising, reputation management, content strategy, and organic SEO. 

First, its team gathers information about your firm and identifies opportunities to understand the target audience. Then, they develop an activity plan and determine strategies to get the most efficient results. Finally, the expertized team starts working according to the action plan upon your approval and they are open to communication any time when you need it. 

Bright Labs

Bright Labs is a digital agency that provides website designand digital marketing services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

If you are looking for a strategic digital agency in Australia, Bright Labs is another option to grow your business creating the transformation with technology and creative designs. 

Through online and digital solutions, Bright Labs has successfully completed over 300 projects for its customers from different industries. It is also experienced in the field of law, so its team knows how to enhance the online customer experience and how to deliver the targeted messages for law firms. 

Evolution 7

Evolution 7 is another digital marketing agency based in Melbourne. It provides award-winning user experience design, web development, and other digital strategies for law firms and attorneys.

After identifying the target audience of its customers, Evolution 7 guarantees sustained business growth with user-centered solutions to deliver successful results. Evolution 7 has assembled a group of expert UX designers, project managers, and strategists to enhance its customers’ vision beyond their expectations.


Multimediax is a growth-driven digital marketing agency based in Sydney. It has partnerships with the world’s leading technology providers including HubSpot, Facebook, Google, and Bing. 

It basically delivers creative and innovative solutions and optimized return on investment (ROI) via multi-channel strategies. If you are searching for an experienced agency following the trends in the legal industry, Multimediax can be a great choice to fulfill your needs for business growth. 

You can also convert website or social media visitors into leads through advertising and customized content. Multimediax offers you an opportunity to custom your web design and create attractive content according to your target audience. 


Removify works differently from other digital agencies since its main service is removing the negative online content to protect its customers’ reputation. 

With remarkable experience and cutting-edge technology, Removify has removed over 23.000 unwanted content within 15 days as an average removal time. Its experienced team removes online content even on social media giants such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Reaching more people is not enough to make a reputation among other competitors. Sometimes complaints and other negative feedback may damage your prestige with undesirable content. Here where Removify helps you clean up your reputation.

One Egg Digital

This is a results-focused digital marketing agency in Sydney. It is specialized in search engine optimization, paid search, and paid social campaigns to increase conversion rates and drive revenue.

LegalVision, a commercial law firm providing Australian businesses with cost-effective and high-quality legal services, is one of the companies having a partnership with One Egg Digital. After starting their partnership, their lead volume has increased 65% within 6 months and their cost has decreased 50% per acquisition in a year. 


Another leading digital marketing agency for law firms in Australia is Oacdigital which is also a Google Premier Partner with a spotless reputation. Its digital specialists and expert marketers assure you to engage with more customers and deliver your targeted messages. 

Attracting more people means more leads, more clients, and more sales for any business. If you want to work with an experienced agency in the legal industry, Oacdigital can be the one you are looking for. It offers advanced SEO services, search ads management, and Google Ads management to make its partners stand out in the competitive marketplace.


Butterfly is an award-winning agency with spectacular digital solutions for its partners. It is based in Melbourne and its team creates projects with digital strategies, stakeholder engagement, user experience design, and web development. 

If you check out its case studies, you can see the creativity and innovation in their work. After determining what is needed to optimize your online presence, Butterfly team works collaboratively to get the intended results within the shortest time possible. 

We hope you will choose the best digital marketing agency which suits bests for your legal services in Australia to get the desired results. 


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