Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Food & Beverage Industry in Canada

Digital marketing agencies for food & beverage industry are helping to reach out to the target audience. The food and beverage industry has experienced enormous growth in recent years.

But the most important challenge restaurants faced is how to outperform their counterparts in the competitive marketplace. This is where digital marketing agencies help them differentiate themselves and gain a unique position in their category. 

If your objective is to become one of the renowned restaurants, you will need an experienced digital marketing agency to attract customers to your place. Collaborating with a marketing agency will provide a customized digital marketing plan for your business. If you work with an agency, its expert team helps you:

  • Rank highly in search engines,
  • Gain traffic to your website and social media accounts,
  • Use customer-driven PPC ads,
  • Gain more customers to your place both physically and online.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Restaurants

If you are looking for top-performing digital agencies for your place in Canada, here we listed digital marketing agencies for food & beverage industry with deep experience in the industry located in Canada. 

We gave information about their distinctive features and explained how they can help you grow your business. If you cannot decide which one you should choose, you can visit their website and check out their portfolios with successful case studies:

  • Pound & Grain
  • Arnold Street Media
  • Brand & Mortar
  • Idea Rebel
  • Fluency Digital
  • Stir Creative
  • The Status Bureau

Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain is another full-service digital agency located in Vancouver and Toronto. As the main objective to level up your digital marketing, Pound & Grain produces creative and strategic solutions delivering desired results and connecting more audiences.

Through exclusive digital solutions and designs, Pound & Grain can help you add value to your brand and attract customers to your restaurant. You can check out its website and see successful case studies in the food & beverage industry. 


DIJGTAL is an innovation-led strategic design and marketing agency founded in 2016. By bridging the gap between Experience Design and Marketing, DIJGTAL transforms difficult business problems into spectacular human-led solutions for early-stage startups, enterprise projects, and corporate partners.


Their theory is that the most successful and meaningful outcomes emerge from strong connections built on trust. That’s why they’ve teamed up with you to assist us in successfully collaborating along our journey together. DIJGTAL works with your team to uncover opportunities and grow your business.

If you are looking for a food and beverage marketing agency in Canada, DIJGTAL will be one of the best. You can contact the professional team on their website.

Arnold Street Media

Arnold Street Media, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, provides digital marketing services for your food and beverage brand. The agency, which is known for moving the brands it works with, helps you to determine the right strategy for you and implements it.


Arnold Street Media has a wide portfolio and proves its success with the services it provides in many areas. This portfolio may catch your attention with the case studies of the food & beverage industry it contains. If you want to get a professional service for your restaurant or F&B brand, you can review the work of Arnold Street Media on its website.


BSTRO is a creative agency offering insightful digital marketing solutions for businesses in several industries. Its expertized strategists and marketers are experienced in the food & beverage industry.

Digital marketing agencies for food & beverage industry

BSTRO offers restaurants customized marketing strategies including:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing and website management 
  • Brand positioning
  • Search engine optimization and ad campaigns

Moreover, BSTRO designers support businesses in storytelling through UX design, logo design, photography, and graphic design. They help your brand stand out and engage with your customers.  

Brand & Mortar

Brand & Mortar is a leading full-service digital marketing agency in Toronto with results-driven and distinctive strategies. Its team of expert designers, marketers, and strategists help you grow your online presence through the following services:

  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO)
Digital marketing agencies for food & beverage industry

As one of the best-in-industry agencies, Brand & Mortar works with a variety of people and companies in cutting-edge marketplaces. It can also help your restaurant to get a higher return on investment (ROI) through personalized marketing strategies.

Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel is a creative digital agency pushing tech-driven ideas to create unique brand experiences. Its team of digital experts combines creative solutions with technology to develop exceptional digital experiences and promote your online presence. 

marketing for food & beverage industry

Through innovative data and user experience integration, Idea Rebel delivers customized marketing strategies working with both existing and evolving technology. Experienced in the food & beverage industry, Idea Rebel is one of the marketing agencies you can collaborate with. 

Fluency Digital

Fluency Digital is a women-owned digital agency providing web design and other digital marketing services. You can collaborate with its team for website management for both your e-commerce and branding needs. Services offered by Fluency Digital are as follows:

  • Web design and management
  • Social media management and advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Branding
  • Video production
digital maraketing agencies

Fluency Digital has worked with several businesses in the food & beverage industry, so it can be a great option for your place to grow audience and rate of return. 

Stir Creative

Stir Creative builds innovative and modern websites that promote the business growth of their clients. They have worked with many companies in the food & beverage industry, so they can deliver desired results for your restaurant, too. Here is an example: 

Digital marketing agencies for restaurants

What Stir Creative aims to achieve is helping brands stand out and obtain a measurable return on investment (ROI) on their marketing budgets. Creative ideas connect brands with the target customers through different digital channels.  Therefore, the integration of marketing, technology, and creativity is the key to how Stir Creative can boost your online presence. 

The Status Bureau

The Status Bureau is a boutique digital marketing and SEO agency delivering strategic marketing solutions and organic traffic to websites. Through data-driven strategies, the Status Bureau is ready to boost your brand awareness online. It has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Edmonton to support companies to build growth and achieve the desired business objectives. 

Digital agency in Canada

Since 2006, the Status Bureau has created more than 350 results-driven campaigns for over 70 clients including the ones from the food & beverage industry. Pizza 73, one of the leading pizza brands in Canada, is only one of them. 

Why is Digital Marketing Essential for Restaurants?

In the competitive marketplace, restaurants and cafes need to build trust and engage with their customers online. If your ultimate goal is to become one of the best-in-industry, you need to raise brand awareness through intelligent marketing strategies. Therefore, you need to select an agency that meets your business requirements and your budget the best.

Check out the top digital marketing agencies for restaurants listed above and choose one to experience the most efficient digital marketing.

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