Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Educational Institutes in Canada

Canada is known to be one of the best countries for higher education. It is partially because they get help from top-notch educational marketing agencies to assist higher education institutions to reach out to more students all around the world.

Well-designed marketing processes allow them to have a global reputation. The key to success for such an institution is to be in good hands and get the best digital marketing service.

It is mostly because a social media agency for higher education allows the institution to attract more potential students as well as contributing to its reliability and recognition.

By working with a higher institution marketing agency, you should be ready to get more inquiries and you can expect to get higher enrollment rates.

If these are what your institution hopes to achieve:

  • higher engagement,
  • more new students, and
  • more demand for your programs,

we have prepared the finest digital marketing agencies for educational institutes in Canada.

Best Educational Marketing Agencies in Canada

Especially after the world-wide pandemic, an interest in online education has occurred. Canada is among the top 5 in being preferred especially in online higher education. To stand out among other similar institutes, we have compiled 8 best digital marketing agencies for educational institutes in Canada.

Here are the most promising and top-notch marketing agencies in Canada specialized in education.

  1. Search + Gather
  2. Arnold Street Media
  3. Massive Media
  4. Fluency Digital
  5. Neuron
  6. BrandLume
  7. Rablab
  8. ThompsonStenning
  9. Exposure Social

1. Search + Gather

‘A digital marketing agency that gets insanely good results.’

Search + Gather is as bold as to mention that sentence above. They rely on their results with their previous institutes that they helped them increase their revenues insanely.

A great example of their successful work is one of their former clients which is Top Hat project. As an all-in-one teacher higher education platform, Top Hat is used by more than 750 universities not only in Canada but all over North America.

The success is achieved by detailed targeting, regular repetition of advertisements, and extensive testing of the platform. The key behind such a success also depends on having a dedicated and experienced team of experts.

2. Arnold Street Media

Toronto-based digital agency Arnold Street Media offers services that lead you to success in many areas. One of them is the education sector. Canada is a country known for its high-standard education system. And Arnold Street Media is working hard to be a great digital marketing agency for these great educational institutes.

It has a structure that supports your business in many ways. These services include social media management, digital marketing, and custom creative services. You can view its detailed work on its website. If you want to get consultancy from one of the countries where education is good, Arnold Street Media can be one of the best choices for you.

3. Massive Media

If you are looking for an ambitious social media agency for higher education, Massive Media could be the right choice for you.

They start creating your institute’s brand identity and positioning first. By designing the brand, they hope to bring more prospective students by helping your brand reach more audiences. By brand name, strategy, and the right message, they not only promise to bring more audience but also let you give the desired message to your audience.

All this results in getting more demand in your institute.

4. Fluency Digital

Fluency Digital offers services for all types of businesses to be fluent in the areas they are willing to. It is their motto to be ‘fluent’.

It offers higher education institutes to be fluent in attracting more new students while allowing those who are already enrolled a higher graduation rate.

Another interesting and charming fact about Fluency Digital is that the whole agency is run only by women. You will be amazed to see how creative a team of these professionals can get while increasing the number of students enrolled in your institute.

5. Neuron

Neuron is a San Francisco-based, fully-functioning digital agency. Even though it is functioning from the US, it has proved to offer the best work for Canadian higher education institutes.


Its slogan is that they solve the most challenging user experiences. You can make sure they are behind this claim.

In their former experiences with Canadian higher education schools and universities, they have proven the quality of their digital marketing service.

You can have a look at their website for further information.

6. BrandLume

Another great digital marketing agency BrandLume is located in Toronto. It offers branding, digital marketing services, and website creation services.

Its talented professionals take care of all aspects of your institution’s needs such as website design and development services, branding services, and digital marketing solutions.

You can also choose to pay only for the services you require. So you don’t need to pay for some other services you don’t actually need.

BrandLume can offer great solutions for any educational institute.

7. Rablab

A very ambitious French-Canadian digital agency Rablab is located in Montreal. It is considered one of the best educational marketing agencies in Canada.

It does not only offer its fine work to Canadian institutes but also offers digital marketing services for all education institutes all around the world.

Its professionals promise to create your institute from A to Z, eventually guaranteeing its outstanding success by increasing the number of applicants.

8. ThompsonStenning

ThompsonStenning is an outstanding higher education marketing agency with its headquarters in Vancouver. Its motto is ‘Resonate with your audience, create common ground.’


They offer services in branding, design, and development. They first listen to your demands and try to offer you the best creative service.

They have had great results with their previous educational institutes and are looking forward to assisting more institutes to achieve better.

9. Exposure Social

Exposure Social is a fabulous social marketing agency functioning in Toronto, Canada. It is considered the best social media agency for higher education.

It deserves this claim thanks to its dedicated team, the range of its digital services, and former success stories.

Any higher education institute that ever worked with Exposure Social increased its revenue and became widely famous, ending up enlarging the business.

Exposure Social can make your institute famous and demanded not only in Canada but also all over the world. To achieve international success, you may want to have a look at their website to have a look at their services.


As we have listed above, those educational marketing agencies offer the best service for all types of higher education institutes in Canada. To achieve having a strong brand for your institute, it is highly recommended to work with a digital marketing agency.

You will see the results after you get good-quality services from one of those top-notch agencies.

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