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Beginner’s Guide To Google+ Marketing

With active users over 110 million, it is no secret that Google+ is one of the most inspiring and creative social media networks.

As known as Google’s flagship network, the platform allows its users to connect through their interests and also businesses. However in many areas, Google+ is an information sharing network, rather than a social network or a friendship platform.

Read more to learn about questions such as: how the platform can work for your company, who uses it for marketing, etc. Here are the all answers to your questions:

Who uses Google+ For Marketing?

News Channels


Because of the reliability issue and  fake news problems, reporting news and creating qualified news is an important topic nowadays. So, while struggling with the reforms that Facebook tries to make, Google+ takes advantage of time and positions itself as a news reporting source. 

Some of the reliable international news companies, such as BBC, CNN and FOX, all are using Google+ frequently and they are targeting the business industry to be on social media during the working hours. Remember, your Circle may get bigger when you start to share some information because you target the traffic to your posts.

Movies/TV Shows

Movies are very popular, yet this year is the big moment of TV shows, as we can admit. With the knowledge of Google+ pages are often the top in search results, googling your favourite TV show can lead you to the show’s official Google+ account and find the latest news there.

This may sound a little complicated and tough, yet according to the sources, global entertainment companies such as Netflix or HuLu get a very countable traffic rate from Google+ because of indexing and trending hashtags. Stranger Things and GoT are the two most frequent shows which have a wide press coverage, in Google Ads, which accounts for 64.6% of clicks.


Fashion Industry

Gathering the fashion community via using Google+ is very trending according to all the countable industry brands. Despite the technology and electronics bias of Google+, fashion brands are making use of the offerings and the opportunities of the platform. To consider the services that Google+ serves under the other Google brands such as Google Chrome, Gmail and YouTube— which is already enough by itself, everything is sufficient for promotion, and more promotion.

Using Google+, the brands are publishing their announcements including new collaborations, brand campaigns and holiday wishes. Hashtags that are related to their recent campaigns which let users click on the direct links that the post provides, helps to reinforce SEO, which is one of the most significant reasons for using the platform.

And don’t forget to remember the words of Google Co-founder and CEO, Larry Page, who said, “If you ignore GooglePlus, Google Search will ignore you!”




Everyone who already has a Gmail account, are all aware about using Google+ and what the platform is about. So, one of the most trending topics in the marketing world is the influencers if we look through 2017. While Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all in boundaries and have their own restriction policies, Google+ is open to Google’s web crawlers by allowing content to be served up in the search results and get indexed.

This means, a content which originates from Google+ may actually rank in instances where a website may not, and is included in Google search results, which is visible to authors within your Circles. Therefore, if you’re looking to use it as an influencer, it is also good for the SEO reasons and personal branding, therefore we can say that engagement is also possible within the platform indeed.


Food Industry

Regarding the recipe searching process and the popularity of 1-minute Facebook video-food accounts, food industry is strongly related to social media now more than ever.. So, the famous cooks and the industry giants are using Google+ according to their strategies of managements. Because the tabs under the search bar of the platform get prominent traffic from the Food category.

To give the quickest hint, the most clever method of using Google+ in the cooking business is like managing a Pinterest account— because of its convenient interface and the ability to connect your platform with the right people.


To conclude, we’re talking about a platform that recently has a 33% growth rate per year, so logically, it’ll be very helpful to use Google+ to your advantage. With its highly-demanded reasons as the SEO and influencer marketing categories, it’ll be good for you to realize the assessing potential of Google+ in your market.

If you’re still not satisfied at all,  watch a couple international brands’ accounts, including Gucci, H&M, Samsung, ESPN, Mashable and more, for a week and get inspired from how they’re conquering their brands via this useful, yet easy networking space!

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