BCWorks’ “Perfect Time” Advertising Film Released on Ads of the World!

BCWorks wants to present a crucial milestone of their The House Residence Helis Bodrum Marketing Project with you.

To assist people in getting the houses they want, you need to bring the distance closer, and you must do effective work to visualize the project in people’s minds properly.

Considering that the marketing approaches you’re used to are becoming insufficient, BCWorks has taken the 3D Digital Marketing approach to the 4th Dimension with Growth Hacking. However, you should be aware that they are more than simply a Digital Marketing agency.


With this project, BCWorks’ team began on a wonderful trip. It is a tough as well as lovely journey. The frantic process of shooting such a lovely and exciting production, especially during the epidemic, yielded results.

In addition, their project obtained around 150 million impressions and approximately 10 million views across all digital media sources. BCWorks waited for the ideal moment to film this commercial; all photographs are genuine. As the name of their project implies, the right time was precious for them since they think that nuances create excellence.

BCWorks captured dynamic and amazing behind-the-scenes shots in their project, and they had want to share the results with you later. Behind the scene, they got some great views. The most crucial feature is to capture the beauty of the moment. They are completely aware of this fact. That’s why they didn’t go into too much detail regarding the behind-the-scenes material.

However, it is one of their greatest interests to bring their project together with the communities and bring the people together via the powerful work they undertake. BCWorks are proud to share with you all of the memories they have made due to their project, their original approach, and the wonderful feelings that their commercial video has brought to people’s lives.

Perfect Time! Perfect Team!

Who was in charge?

  • Producer & Director: Mehmet Bayram
  • Chief Creative Officer: Burak Cingöz
  • Creative Team: Tuğba Almas, Merve Yıldırım
  • Art Department: Büşra Cankur, Bülent Sarıgül
  • Editor: Alev Eren, Sinan Sezer Ayaz
  • Account Team: Emre Cantözün
  • Assistant: Sevil Kale
  • Coordinator: Fırat Bayer

BCWorks may be outmanned, but there are a lot of individuals whose names they haven’t yet learned. If you want to see their video, you may find it on YouTube. Alternatively, you may view their film on adsoftheworld.com.


Fedon has fallen overboard, and Summer has begun.

The Turks have a proverb: “Watermelon shell fell into the sea.” It denotes that it is time to look for work, and it explains when it is the ideal time to start looking for business opportunities.

In the advertisement, BCWorks encounters musician Fedon. Fedon is a well-known figure in Turkish pop music; however, Fedon only performs during the summer season. As a result, when Fedon begins performing in Turkey, everybody knows summer has arrived.

BCWorks merged their idiom with Fedon’s and stated that the summer season began with Fedon falling into the sea. This metaphor clarifies that summer has arrived, not with Fedon’s presence on stage but rather with his unintentional fall into the water.

In the advertisement, the musician looks at the construction site and is so impressed that he loses balance and falls into the sea. As the musician fell into the sea, people began to celebrate the arrival of summer. When the musician arrives at the shore, he finds himself in the housing project.

The staffs of the project are excited to welcome the musician because he is renowned as a mythological god in Turkey, particularly in the Aegean region. In other words, he is a well-known artist and the mythological god who brings summer to Turkey. The singer inquires about the idea because he was impressed with it at first sight.

The musician decided to stay in a housing project after receiving brief information. He indicates that he is seeking an agreement for residence.

With the musician falling into the sea, BCWorks see in the commercial that summer has arrived, that now is the best time to acquire a residence from The House Residence project.

So, How Does BCWorks’ Project’s Director Feel about It?

BCWorks’ work motivated them in every way and made a significant contribution to their team. From the first day BCWorks began the project till today, it has been a project that they have thoroughly appreciated. It was a work where they were able to connect out to the brand’s consumers and various communities.

In conclusion, they did an outstanding job with the details they presented by combining several dynamics and methodologies. BCWorks have seen how a pleasant profession may positively impact an otherwise serious industry.

BCWorks’ commercial video, which has received millions of views, is a source of pride for both the brand for which they arranged the advertising campaign and for them.

Finally, they are happy with the project they completed for a building company. Finally, I’d like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to my whole team for a work well done at Adabükü, one of the most beautiful sites in Bodrum, where their project is situated in one of the unique bays.

BCWorks wanted you to see this endeavor as well, and they hope you enjoyed their tale and film.

If you have any more queries, please write an e-mail to BCWorks or their standard e-mail address. Make certain that the e-mail you send will not go unanswered.

Furthermore, if you look at their tiny, compact, and vibrant website, you will be able to see what BCWorks accomplished in 2021, as well as the short showreel movie that they made for you.

What Exactly Is BCWorks All About?

Traditional advertising companies can provide you with the one-of-a-kind marketing services you demand. With a 340-degree service orientation, the Bcworks team provides you with all digital marketing tools.

In addition, BCWorks is a social media agency, web design agency, creative agency, digital design agency, and marketing agency. They have a dynamic and creative staff that connects these understandings with your requirements.

They aim to expose you to unique individuals who have done remarkable things together.

About BCWorks

BCWorks, a partner of Google Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners, is an interdisciplinary advertising agency offering digital and creative solutions.