BBC Launches A New Tool, Using Facial Coding Technology For Branded Content

BBC StoryWorks, the dynamic content production agency from BBC Advertising, has revealed a new initiative that enables their clients to observe the impact of their branded and sponsored content on its TV and online platforms.

The brand-new launch helps clients with understanding the “emotional engagement “and “subconscious association” using facial-coding and eye-tracking tools.

The new process bases on the company’s award-winning research, named “Science of Engagement”. The research focuses on exploring the connection between emotions and campaign metrics.

Helping brands to maximize the impact of content-led marketing campaigns through engaging with various emotions is also another focus of the research.

In order to achieve success with this new challenge, the BBC has become partners with CrowdEmotion.

CrowdEmotion is an artificial intelligence company, enables smart devices to capture and index engagement, emotions, and body language.

The company allows BBC to use their smart technology that enables them to track a viewer’s micro-facial expressions while reading or watching any content and links these expressions to emotions.

CrowdEmotion then takes a second-by-second measurements of six key emotional states while eye-tracking names the relationship between the content viewed, and the emotions experienced at that time.

Richard Pattinson, Senior Vice-President, BBC StoryWorks, said:

Proving the effectiveness of content for brands is a challenge across the industry and we’re incredibly proud to have harnessed the expertise built up through years of in-depth research to offer clients a way of truly understanding the impact of their campaigns, using this unique combination of scientific tools.

As we continue to roll out this system, we will build on the insights to further reveal how our storytelling can create the right emotional engagement to enable our clients to maximize the impact of the campaigns we deliver with them.

The first client, who use this new Science of Engagement tool for its campaign is Huawei, the Chinese phone maker. The brand applied the technology on the video campaign, called “The Explorers”.

Huawei ‘The Explorers: Borderless Universe’

As the new tool identified, the dominant feelings were happiness, curiosity, puzzlement,fear and surprise according to the results.

Moreover, it’s been proved that BBC StoryWorks and Crowd Emotion were successful on driving a clear support in subconscious association between Huawei and brand attributes, such as being environmentally responsible, innovative, inspiring and so on.

What is more, the brand awareness, brands association and purchase intent are also increased to 216, 23 and 19 percent, respectively.

As we all as well as the BBC know that proving the effectiveness of any branded content campaign is not easy but worth trying. Thus, the company studied hard and has already reached a notable solution for its clients.

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