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Awwwards Conference 2017 London



When:02/02/2017 – 03/02/2017

Each year digital architects, pixel visionaries and curators of dreams alike, come together in iconic cities all over the world to share with us their best-kept secrets.

Awwwards continues its world tour of iconic cities to unite and inspire web visionaries and design influencers from all over the globe. A storm of creativity hits London in February 2017!

• 20+ TALKS: From agencies, creative directors, evangelists and entrepreneurs. Including Fubiz, Google, Microsoft, AKQA, UENO, Epic, Huge, Signal Noise etc.

• WORKSHOPS: Virtual Reality, Data Visualization, Games with Three.JS, The Art of Code.

• VIRTUAL SESSIONS: Enjoy multi-sensory Virtual Reality experiences.

• PRIZE-GIVING CEREMONY: Discover the best projects, agencies and designers of the year.

• HISTORIC PARTY: Cocktail party + 3 hour open bar in a venue steeped in 500 years of history.

• NETWORKING: Networking opportunities, to develop valuable relationships and share ideas and knowledge with top agencies.

• IMMERSIVE VR EXPERIENCES: Utopic Studios and Awwwards invite you to travel through four spaces, re-creating futuristic surroundings, maritime depths, platforms suspended in outer-space and horror rooms.This high sensory stimulation showcases innovative technology that reproduces smells, while you interact with real and virtual objects.

Check out this sneak peek of the Awwwards Conference 2016 New York:

Tickets are still available, but are selling fast, get yours for the Digital Design Event of 2017 before it’s too late!

For details & registration visit: Awwwards Conference 2017 London

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