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Stephen Moyers is an online marketer, designer and avid tech-savvy blogger. He is associated with Los Angeles based SPINX Digital Agency which provides a range of digital services like web design & development, digital marketing and more. He loves to write about web design, online marketing, entrepreneurship and much more.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Embrace Native Advertising to Expand Your Reach

Native advertising gives brands a chance to connect with audiences in a comfortable and accessible way. Rather than using in-your-face tactics, these subtle advertisements deliver value-driven content that matches the form of specific platforms. However, the world of native advertising can be confusing, even to those who consider themselves veterans of internet marketing. Use this …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Learn How To Delegate To Avoid Startup Burnout

Startup founders often struggle to become effective delegators. It’s a natural byproduct of the startup process: When getting a new business off the ground, founders usually fill every role in the operation. They learn how to be expert administrators, part-time customer service representatives, event planners, and may periodically show up in the mailroom to fill …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

How To Use Social Media Automation For Maximum Engagement

Social media automation can be a lifesaver for marketing teams, though it comes with its fair share of problems. When marketers turn to automation, they can eliminate a lot of the “grunt work” from their routines. Instead of dedicating hours to setting up (and carrying out) post schedules, most of the work can be offloaded …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

The Next Revolution In B2B Sales

The digital transformation poised the need for a complete campaign overhaul for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. Digital tools and trends drastically changed the way B2B companies sold to their customers. Digitization introduced new customer touchpoints, the need for mobile strategies, and more customer-centric organization structures. Buyer behaviors shifted, as did the way B2Bs had to market. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Outsourcing Can Help Boost Your Startup Business

Thinking of starting a business? Then you have likely wondered how you will raise the money to get going. The good news is that most entrepreneurs have faced this challenge – you are not alone. The difficult task that lies ahead is obtaining enough money to start and maintain your business before making a dollar …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Is Social Entrepreneurship The New Face Of Business?

The number of young people interested in entrepreneurship is on the rise. According to a recent survey, over 25% of 18 to 25 year olds expressed interest in starting their own businesses. But today’s entrepreneurs are less taken with lining their pockets and more interested in creating change. Following in the footsteps of companies like …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

6 Social Media Tools to Incorporate Into Your Online Marketing

Most marketers today are already aware of how powerful social media tools like Facebook and Twitter can be for attracting customers. However, as social media continues to grow, new platforms quickly gain popularity. Knowing how some less well-known social media platforms work will help you expand your online marketing reach. If you are not yet …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

From Startups to Superstars – Learning from Others’ Success

Beginning a startup is a risky venture, and many people give up on it too quickly, not knowing they could have succeeded if they hung on a bit longer. As with any risky venture, it’s important to research other startups before launching your own. Look critically at startups that have come before, especially those similar …

BLOG | Content Marketing

7 Tips for A Great Start To Your Brand’s Content Marketing

When running a business, there are some things that are simply too important to gloss over. A perfect example is content marketing. Thousands and thousands of businesses are clamoring for people’s attention, and consumers are getting better and better at avoiding it. They fast forward through television commercials, subscribe to ad-free radio, implement blocking software …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Driving Business With eCommerce And Brick And Mortar Synergy

Tips For Building Cohesion Between Your Physical and Digital Stores Everyone wants to develop a successful business. Using the right tactics is an important part of improving a firm. In the modern world, businesses have a plethora of opportunities to expand and develop sales using the internet. The best companies, however, take advantage of both …

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