Shadab Rashid

I am CEO at Flynaut - An award-winning digital agency committed to produce work that symbolizes quality and creativity. Headquartered in Atlanta, we have a worldwide client base that benefits from our full-service digital packages. We specialize in web development, SEO, Internet marketing, mobile app development and branding.

BLOG | Content Marketing

Need Your Content Marketing To Generate Better ROI? Say Hello To Competitive Intelligence

With dozen competitors for any product/service segment, grabbing the attention of target audience remains tricky. Competitive Intelligence can help produce content that converts, sells and nurtures – All In One! Internet has done many wonders. One of them is the digitization of buyer-seller relationship. This has aided fast shopping experiences, fuss-free monetary dealings and made …

BLOG | Web Design

The Economics of Websites: Is Your Website A Profitable Affair?

Website design and development calls for a tug of war between quality and cost. Which side should you support? While keeping a tab on your expenses is important, focusing on quality features and tools gets you the real ROI. Gone are the days when a website served as a “Good to Have” decorative value for …