Patrick Joseph Panuncillon

Patrick Panuncillon is the CEO of a Philippine-based digital marketing and online solutions company. He has almost ten years of experience and has since then helped young professionals working in the industry. Together with his team, they have continued to exceed clients' expectations.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing For Beginners

Does the term digital marketing bombard you lately? Do you have the urge to express how familiar the term is but somehow stumbled to provide a definition? I guess everyone was once in this place too. But what is digital marketing? What does it do? Is it important? In this article, we will dwell a …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Giving the Best Customer Service Experience to Your Clients

Every company has the reputation to hold. And it should not be bound to the visible and tangible kind of products they offer. Customers are important to the company same way as your work is. As a customer service provider, it is important to have the right attitude when dealing with customers. These tips are …

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