Michael Berean

Michael founded Grace Innovation in 2013, a company that focuses on creative, content, design, and social media. He also founded Puzel in 2016, a SaaS company that focuses on audience gamification.

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Marketing For A New Generation – How The Last Jedi Crushed The Box Office

The Last Jedi has without a doubt emerged as the highest grossing film of 2017, coming in at just over 517M and continuing to climb. Combining both elements of science fiction and awe inspiring action sequences, the film takes aim at every generation from old to young with its marketing campaign. So, how does one …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

How To Use Facebook To Launch Your Startup

Startups are constantly looking for new ways to grow, but the bedrock of any budding startup is keeping costs low. They need to constantly discern between a need to have and a nice to have. Today, social media offers incredibly low cost (and sometimes free!) ways to grow that startups can take advantage of immediately. …

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