Martijn Wijsmuller

Martijn Wijsmuller is the co-founder and commercial director of Ask Phill: a Shopify Plus agency specialised in building headless e-commerce platforms for D2C brands in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries. Ask Phill is the leading headless Shopify integration partner, and organiser of the D2C Summit in Amsterdam.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

5 Signs Headless E-commerce on Shopify Plus Is the Way to Go

Before beginning, we should make it clear that there are many tributary questions feeding into our title. Questions about Shopify Plus. About headless e-commerce, and the combination of headless and Shopify Plus, all flowing into the statement: “5 signs headless e-commerce on Shopify Plus is the way to go”. If you want to go ahead …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Make Your Shopify Store Multilingual With Headless Architecture

A common question: how do I add multiple languages to Shopify? Over years of collaborating, there’s one recurring question that we’ve been asked on almost every project: “How do I add multiple languages to Shopify?” And it isn’t an unreasonable request. A lot of our clients live and work – like us – in the …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

An Introduction to Headless Ecommerce in 2021

To understand what headless e-commerce is, it’s helpful to know why it exists in the first place. Throughout this century e-commerce has been increasingly significant. Especially in the last five years – culminating in 2020, where COVID-19 lockdowns drove more businesses online than ever before. We’re at a point now where a customer’s online experience …

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