Lilian Chifley

Lilian Chifley is an IT specialist, teacher, and blogger from Sydney. She loves to talk about artificial intelligence and modern education.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

23 Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Consider In 2020

Digital marketing tools are essential for most of the marketers to get better results from their marketing campaigns. With the increasing demand of digital marketing tools, also products are increased on the market and getting hard to choose. Optimizing conversion rates, getting more leads, reaching your target audience with an efficient budget and analyzing them, …

BLOG | Email Marketing

Top 10 Email Marketing Blogs You Should Definitely Follow In 2020

As the third most important source of both B2B and B2C marketing, email marketing is an important digital marketing category. If you wish to grow your brand and achieve your goal, relying on social media and PPC campaigns is not enough. For business marketing, it’s by far the most popular form of communication. 86% of …

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