Jen Saunders

Jen Saunders is the Director of SEO at WEBITMD, a growth-driven digital marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. WEBITMD uses proven methods to drive traffic and increase revenue through custom full funnel marketing and sales enablement solutions. Jen's insights are often shared through publications like, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and SEMrush.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Long Tail Keyword Usage In Your Optimized Content

If you hear anyone tell you that keywords no longer matter, you can safely bet that they also believe in leprechauns and werewolves. This is one of the biggest myths of search engine optimization. Yet one thing can be said about keywords that is very real: how we successfully use them today is very different …


How Combining SEO With PPC Can Improve Your Overall Marketing

SEO and PPC are the two most popular methods of digital marketing. From large corporations looking to increase their organic traffic on a global scale, to local mom and pop shops seeking an increase in traffic, SEO and PPC are proven to help grow businesses of all sizes. The problem is that most organizations either …


How To Nurture Leads Into Buyers Using Only SEO

When most people think of lead nurturing, those who are enlightened to the shifting nuances of digital marketing will naturally cohere to a custom business growth stack compiling of tools and strategies aimed at helping organizations hit high-revenue goals. But let’s get real. Not all companies are ready for a business growth stack. In some …

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How Technology And Storytelling Create Growth-Driven Digital Marketing

Storytelling is an art form that has existed since the dawn of human history; it has survived every influx of technical evolution. Throughout time, new technologies have ever posed a threat to storytelling but rather augment its capabilities to capacitate creatives and intellectuals to explore and innovate. Today’s creative marketing agencies live in a renaissance …


Do You Know The Difference Between SEO And Growth Marketing?

“I need SEO services.” This is a statement made by countless businesses whose goal is to grow their brand and continuously hit those high-revenue targets. But is SEO really what they need? For some reason the name “SEO” is often thrown around while being misused and completely misunderstood in meaning. Just as people often misuse …

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5 Competitor Research Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It goes without saying that your business growth partially relies on your ability to dominate your competition and claim the top seat in your industry’s online space. In order to conquer your industry by being that go-to business, there are a number of things you must set out to achieve that range from better understanding …

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What A High-Ranking, Converting Blog Strategy Looks Like?

Blogging for business is still paramount to growth. In order to understand its value in today’s current climate, one should consider its recent history. Several years ago blogging was the de facto way for a business to make their voice heard. They used freelance and internal bloggers to write on specific topics to serve as …


Backlinks, The Red-Headed Step Child – Are They Still Good for SEO in 2018?

Poor SEO. Over the last few years consumer behavior has tossed it around like a red-headed step child. Back in the day good search engine optimization resulted in both organic ranking and more sales. Why? Because ranking landing pages that put buyers in touch with sales teams or that presented great offers was enough to …

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3 Ways To Garner Sales In 2018 By Leveraging Content

With 2018 upon us inbound marketing and its various content strategies are more center stage than ever before. This means that today’s buyers no longer have a use for sales teams, but instead dive into in-depth research before making a purchasing decision. Content with a personal agenda is what moves the sales needles. For years …

BLOG | Content Marketing

The Secret Formula To Ranking Content

Out of sight, out of mind: This popular saying couldn’t be more appropriately used in context to SEO. Contrary to all the senseless noise that search optimization is no longer an important task to focus on, SEO still matters as it forms that bridge between your customers and the content that converts them into delighted …

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