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BLOG | Web Design

5 Essential Features That Every Ecommerce Site Needs to Have

In today’s digital world, eCommerce websites aren’t anything uncommon …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Narrowing Down Ecommerce Platform Options for Your Brand

The time has come — your business is established, your products are ready for sale, and you want to start selling online. With the COVID crisis, more shoppers are buying from home rather than venturing out in person. This is your moment to launch into eCommerce. For that, you’ll need an eCommerce platform. Wait, What …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Choosing the Best Ecommerce Metrics for Growth

Selling online is more than merely producing a product and exchanging it for money. In order to drive traffic to your eCommerce site, you need to know exactly how that traffic is interacting with your eCommerce site. That’s where metrics come in. If you’ve ever seen Moneyball, you know that paying attention to stats doesn’t …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

13 Quick Tips for Gaining Instagram Comments

Instagram is just one of the many ways businesses connect with their customers. With COVID-19 not going anywhere any time soon, the marketing world must adapt and becoming a social media guru is important now more than ever. Follower count is just one piece of the puzzle. Interacting with your audience and having a plethora …


SEO Basics for Beginners With New Updates in 2020

SEO might seem difficult to understand for a business starting up or trying to expand in 2020. At this point, the internet has become a necessity and search engines have developed alongside it. They’ve come up with new ways to rank, catalogue, and show content to their users. Building your business requires at least a …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top 5 Customer Retention Strategies That Keep People Coming Back

Customer retention is one of the most important concepts to …

BLOG | Web Design

Do Minimalistic Websites Convert More and Perform Better?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines minimalism as art, music …

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