Charlie Britten

Charlie Britten is the content marketing and SEO specialist at BeUniqueness. He has worked in the field of content marketing for 13 years, having switched from a career in financial services. He has previously gained a degree in Politics with Sociology from the University of Wolverhampton and a postgraduate certificate in magazine journalism from Harlow College.


Why There Is Much More To SEO Than Keywords

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is central to content marketing, but it can be so easy for those promoting law firms to fall into the trap of thinking it’s all about keywords. Nobody with even a passing knowledge of content marketing can be unaware of SEO. The importance of optimising content in order to ensure it …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Your Law Firm Can Keep Its Buyer Personas Up To Date

Law firms need clear buyer personas to help market themselves and their services, but the most effective marketing efforts will be those that spot relevant changes and adjust accordingly. The concept of the buyer persona has become a huge element of digital marketing. The concept of an archetypal figure that represents the various characteristics of …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How Competitive Intelligence Can Help You Improve Your Content Marketing

Knowing what your competitors are doing well – or badly – can play a major role in giving your content marketing an edge. Legal content marketing is undoubtedly central to 21st-century marketing, especially for small and medium firms who cannot call upon the big budgets and in-house marketing departments of the big names with their …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How A Good Content Strategy Can Enable Law Firms To Offer More Flexible Working

In an age when work-life balance is more of an issue than ever, finding ways to make this possible is as important for law firms as anyone else and flexible working benefits both employees and their employers. Times have changed a lot in the legal profession as in so many others. A key fact of …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Why You Should Be Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great way for legal firms to engage with current and potential customers, but the question is: how can its potential be maximised? Above all, it is a great way to use multiple social media platforms to get your message to reach a larger audience. Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of the UK …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Can Happy Clients Become The Secret Weapon Of Your Marketing Strategy?

The process of marketing is important in bringing new clients to your law firm. But once they are on board, it is not just about retention. Existing customers can be your finest marketing asset. Keep reading to learn some tips for improving your marketing strategy by keeping your clients happy. Marketers everywhere will be aware …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

What Are The 5 Main Digital Marketing Errors For Law Firms To Avoid?

Digital marketing is a great way to help law firms reach more people and increase their client base but to make a success of it you will need to avoid a series of common errors that can undermine your efforts. There is no doubt that digital marketing can be a game-changer because it reaches audiences …

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