Charlie Britten

Charlie Britten is the content marketing and SEO specialist at BeUniqueness. He has worked in the field of content marketing for 13 years, having switched from a career in financial services. He has previously gained a degree in Politics with Sociology from the University of Wolverhampton and a postgraduate certificate in magazine journalism from Harlow College.

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How Often Should You Update Backlinks on Your Blogs?

Backlinks are an important part of blogging, but often the question of updating them can be neglected. Few marketers doubt the importance of good content marketing and writing blogs remains a central feature of organic web content. True, there are a few dissenting voices declaring content to be dead, but they are usually engaged in …

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How to Write a Series of Blogs as Part of a Campaign?

Blogging is a central part of content marketing, but how can you maintain a theme through a series of blogs for a campaign? Most digital marketers and their clients will understand that content remains kind. The use of organic content with good SEO remains a crucial weapon in the armoury of anyone trying to win …

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Ideal Article Length for Bloggers to Catch the Reader’s Attention

Blogging is central to content marketing. But if choosing how long your blogs should be is not an exact science, nor is it a matter of pure guesswork. When producing blogs for a content marketing campaign, a wide array of issues will need to be considered. With careful planning, a dedication to the best search …


Why Your Content Should Avoid Too Many Keywords

Content marketing uses keywords as a primary form of SEO – but how many is too many? Most marketers would agree that as we move into a new decade, content is and will remain a key component of any digital marketing strategy. Taking the longer view, however, will naturally raise a note of caution. The …

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How Can You Keep Producing Good Content For Niche Markets?

Good content writing using strong SEO is the backbone of a successful marketing strategy. But how can you keep it fresh when the subject matter is particularly narrow? Any content marketer will tell you how important it is to produce great optimised content. The importance of having excellent copy that hits the top pages of …

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How An Infinite Mind Can Revolutionise Your Business

When it comes to business and marketing strategy, it is too easy to think of short-term goals. But an ‘infinite mindset’ can have a radically better impact on the long term, not least for marketing firms. For all too many firms, planning is related to short-term goals. Satisfying shareholders, pleasing the chief executive or even …

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5 Blogging Errors You Should Avoid

Creating great blogs is a central element of content marketing. But there are some errors to look out for that you should be sure to avoid. Blogging is a crucial aspect of a digital marketing strategy. Attractive, authoritative blogs with good SEO, high-quality images and copywriting that appeals right to the heart of the needs …

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Why You Should Keep Updating Your Existing Content

Producing optimised content is great for marketing, but keeping it revised and updated can ensure it remains relevant for a long time to come. Producing organic content for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes is a central part of most content strategies. By using the right keywords, producing relevant copy, adding attractive images, breaking up the …

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How Can The Use Of KPIs Make Your Marketing And Communication Better?

Key performance indicators are a great tool in improving marketing and communication – if used to their full potential. Every firm with a true focus on success will be wanting a whole range of things better. That might be reflected in grand aims of growth, increased turnover, new recruitment and exciting new products and services, …

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How Can Social Media Fit In With A Wider Digital Marketing Strategy For Law Firms?

Social media undoubtedly has a major role to play in marketing a law firm and improving services to clients, but the best way to maximise it involves fitting it into the right digital marketing strategy. There are very few law firms today that lack a social media presence of some kind and those that do …

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