Canberk Arinci

Working in different fields of the digital world. Content marketing is the primary expertise with in-depth SEO knowledge. Passionate about sports, cinema and TV Series.

NEWS | Agency News

How A Well Thought Out Value Proposition Is Taking Lively Root From A Company To A Brand By MaxAudience 

Lively Root is a young company that saw a void in the gardening and nursery industry when it came to the customer experience.  As plant lovers and horticulturists, they want to share their love and knowledge to help people put some life into their world.  They are dedicated to inspiring the world to add “green …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top Amazon Marketing Agencies to Increase Your Sales for 2020

Amazon is the center of B2C e-commerce around the world. The rank of your product in one of the popular searches on Amazon is the difference between becoming rich or getting bankrupted. Therefore, if you believe your product has high potential, the best Amazon marketing agencies can really help you grow your business.  Let’s start …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Best Instagram Marketing Agencies & Companies to Boost Your Sales for 2020

Instagram is the best social media platform to market your product or service right now. An experienced Instagram marketing agency can keep you one step ahead. Facebook can’t attract the younger generation any more, Twitter can be useful for some products, but their advertising system is never appreciated by marketers. They’re still struggling about it. …


Best SEO Tools Your Digital Agency Should Use for Continuous Success In 2020

Keyword research, site audit, competitor research, reporting, track ranking… All of these are daily routines of digital agencies that try to optimize their clients’ search engine performance. Agencies need the best SEO tools to make this process faster, easier and more accurate! Search engines are the main source of traffic for many websites. Many businesses’ …

WORK | Case Studies

Innovative Solutions For Next Generation Banking

As a result of the data analysis and optimization practices implemented with the Turkey’s first digital bank, CEPTETEB, SHERPA achieved a significant increase in conversion rates. Banking is one of the fastest digitally transforming industries in the world. With its innovative philosophy also the convenience and advantages in the online banking operations, CEPTETEB, the next …

BLOG | Mobile Marketing

Top 9 Mobile App Development Companies & Agencies in the USA

An excellent idea is not enough for a user-friendly mobile app. You need to work with a talented mobile app development company or agency to differentiate yourself from the crowd. In today’s world, we’re addicted to our mobile phones and hundreds of mobile apps popping up in front of us every day. Maybe you’re struggling …

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