Annabel Clark

Annabel Clark is a Digital Specialist at Upperdog, an agency based on the South Coast in Bournemouth. Upperdog helps brands transform the digital experience for customers through expert SEO, PPC, social media and web design services.


How Does Google Rate Search Quality?

Google have announced some interesting new updates to their search quality rating guidelines. Here we discuss what will be evaluated and how this may impact your SEO strategy. Google employs over 10,000 “search quality raters” across the world to assess its search results. In a nutshell raters are instructed which searches they are to find, …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

What The New Facebook Algorithm Means For Your Business

After a rather embarrassing revelation into how Facebook was using and storing user data, they were quick to react. Facebook soon announced they would be shifting focus away from fake news and returning to “what made Facebook good in the first place”. Zuckerberg & co have introduced a new algorithm to show more content from …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

A Starter’s Guide To Attribution Models

Digital marketing attribution helps you evaluate the value of each of your marketing channels. Analysing where your clicks and conversions are being recorded let you know which areas to focus on, whether it be SEO, PPC or maybe redesigning your website! Marketing attribution refers to which channels and sources gets the most credit. An attribution …

BLOG | Web Design

6 Digital Design Trends For 2018

Although the year has started a little grey and chilly, at Upperdog we’ve been looking on the sunny side with some of the fresh, new digital design ideas that will brighten your screens over the next year. Here’s our list of the six digital design trends that you must pay attention to this year. 1. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

New Features In Google AdWords

It’s easy to fall back on the old AdWords UI, isn’t it? It’s safe, familiar and you know off the top of your head where everything can be found. However, keeping up to date with digital changes is essential for every AdWords management agency. And luckily for us, Google AdWords has released a bundle of …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

8 Predicted Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

The digital world is constantly changing with rapid advancements in technology each year. With newly-digitalised businesses and consumers beginning to interact with websites and apps more than physical staff, this shift change can’t be ignored. From voice search, to micro-moments and omnichannel, here are 8 predictions for digital marketing trends in 2018: 1. Advancements in …

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