Aumcore Provides Mobile SEO Solutions For Small And Midsize Companies

An increase in mobile search means a change in your SEO strategy. These tried solutions for mobile SEO by Aumcore can help your business adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

As more and more users prefer immediate results, Google has made note of the changing digital environment and is now geared toward a mobile-first search index. 60% of all searches are conducted on mobile devices and Google has to adapt to the changing tides. A change in the search engine means a change in your business’ SEO strategy. Like Google, your brand must learn to prioritize mobile optimization.

For small and midsized companies, this can seem a bit intimidating because target keywords are usually held by much larger businesses. However, Aumcore provides unique mobile SEO solutions that will give your brand the competitive edge it needs.


With our client HEOS by Denon, we were able to create a concise and impactful URL that was adoptable to mobile platforms. This helped our team achieve #1 rankings on Google search because we took a consumer-centric approach. Targeting 4 to 5 of their primary keywords also helped increase brand visibility, which led to a 5.6x increase in organic traffic.

If your business is seeking a different solution to appeal to your mobile audience, you may want to consider creating an app for your services. According to Statista, there were over 92.88 billion free mobile app downloads worldwide last year. This should come as no surprise when users on mobile devices spend around 90% of their time in applications.


Creating an app may be the solution to your mobile SEO troubles, as was the case for another of Aumcore’s clients, Franklin Fueling Systems. With the creation of their app, we sought to create a unique way to illustrate different scenarios users would face, and how the products would function within those circumstances. The different variations were put into 10 bundles complete with pricing sheets and standard products based on region.


The 10 pre-existing bundles were made to be flexible. Franklin Fueling Systems sales reps were also able to add and remove products, change the pricing, as well as offer discounts all in one convenient place. The app’s display also featured built in landscapes. This helped educate users on the exact location they would be using certain products within their fueling systems.

For small and midsize companies, apps are becoming a favorable option because of their convenience and the intimacy you gain with your target audience. Scriptsave WellRX is another client Aumcore helped by creating a mobile app that provided an agile way for their consumers to access their discount program. It performed so well that the app was deemed as one of the top “10 Apps Increasing Healthcare Access for Low-Income Patients” by Mashable. Today, it has received over 400k downloads helping users save money on their prescriptions.

These mobile SEO solutions help give smaller to midsized companies the leverage they need in a highly competitive market. Just because your budget isn’t enormous doesn’t mean the impact your brand has can’t be. Breaking the bank doesn’t necessarily equate to answering your audience’s needs. The examples above are just a couple of ways that Aumcore was able to help these businesses with their mobile SEO.

About Aumcore

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