Apple’s Holiday Ad “Sway” Featuring iPhone X & AirPods

This year’s holiday ad from Apple is just released— and it encourages us to believe that love is in the “AirPods” this Thanksgiving.

Titled Sway, Apple’s annual spot features a romantic, snowy story to Sam Smith’s “Palace” track. Directed by Sam Brown from Rogue, the story follows a woman who will begin to dance in a snow-covered avenue. She puts on the number from her iPhone X and begins to listen the song through her AirPods and while she dances the stage transforms.

Then, the stranger comes across the street and they slam into each other, the woman shares one of her AirPods with him and they begin to move together.


The characters of the film are actually married couple and professional dancers, so you can feel their genuinity as they perform together.

The film ends as the couple draw near for a kiss, as the lights give a way to the reality. Then suddenly they are simply two strangers who bumped into each other, but who felt the moment of what could be. The tagline says, have someone in this holiday.

When it comes to create enchanting campaigns for the holidays, Apple likes to make the spots like a greeting card as a branding concept. So this year, sharing something with a stranger, dancing with the blues and romance was in, along with two of the most controversial products on stage, because they need to be.

The theme dancing and movement is perfect and unique, because it’s just like a moody musical which make you also happy inside. This is very romantic, indeed!