Apple To Acquire The UK-Based Digital Marketing Startup DataTiger

Apple has bought a UK based startup Operatedata Ltd, the official operating name of the DataTiger brand in a move that could boost the company’s digital marketing and make it more relevant to customers.

The UK-based startup says its technology can “optimize the marketing journeys” of customers by using data to more accurately send materials to consumers, improve targeted ads as well as push notifications. DataTiger CEO, Philipp Mohr stated that the firm wants to “bring the stale era of ’email-list thinking’ and slow, campaign-based marketing to an end”.

A regulatory filing in December shows that Apple now controls Operatedata Ltd., the legal name of DataTiger. An Apple spokesman didn’t respond to requests for comment, and an email sent to DataTiger wasn’t returned.


Mohr also commented,

DataTiger is a set of tools that enables you to build marketing software that puts your data to work. Using DataTiger is the fastest and easiest way to increase retention & monetisation. With our platform, you can individually optimize the marketing flows for your customers in real-time across all channels.

Apple uses several forms of digital marketing, such as emails to tout and provide tips for new products and push notifications to encourage users to subscribe to services like Apple Music. This needs to be figured as a new apparatus, expected the firm will no doubt use similar tactics to promote its incoming Netflix-style news and video subscription services, both of which are expected to debut in March.

It bought several other companies in recent years, including Shazam the music-recognition app, which users may be able to ask Siri to identify music or a part of a dialogue, and informed via Apple Music or iTunes.

What do you think about the move that the brand is looking forward to boost the marketing efforts to make the sales revive and win back its social presence?

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