Another Powerful Ad by Always – Like A Girl Unstoppable

The “Like A Girl Unstoppable” ad by P&G Always urges young girls to smash their limitations & bask in confidence – for they are unstoppable!

Does society limit girls? Does it box them into expected roles?

Always discovered that 72% girls felt that society does limit them, especially around the time of puberty. After its mega-successful “Like A Girl” campaign that redefined what it meant to be a girl, which resonated across the entire globe, P&G Always, takes another shot at breaking negative societal norms regarding girls, with yet another motivating campaign, that empowers girls and pushes them to break free and become unstoppable #LikeAGirl.

This video by Leo Burnett features young girls who pen down what society tells them they should and shouldn’t do, on boxes. After stacking up boxes with gloomy expectations they hear such as, “Girls are unworthy, emotional, weak etc.,” the participants were then encouraged to push, break, and kick those boxes in an act of rebellion; to rid themselves of all those negative feelings and barriers unfairly placed on them, to feel liberated and free.

On its unwavering quest of making great change happen by empowering and educating young girls, as well as destroying gender-based barriers; Always continues to play a major role in creating awareness and causing ripples around the world with potent messages and inspiring campaigns.

To all the girls out there, smash your limitations, for you are truly unstoppable!

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