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Annual Creative Festival Returns To Dubai



When:28/04/2016 – 30/04/2016

Dubai-based creative community, -ING, has announced their annual three-day conference taking place from 28th – 30th April at Dubai Design District (D3).

The Creative Festival gathers both regional and international professionals from varied positions and specializations within the creative industry to give and attend a series of Talks, Workshops and an Exhibition.

-ING has announced a line up of 20+ internationally acclaimed artists and designers, including NASA’s David Delgado and designer and illustrator Timothy Goodman, who will host specialized Talks and Workshops relating to their experience and field of work.


A mix of over 30 locally and globally recognized artists will also present their works on the exhibition floor throughout the festival, providing attendees with the opportunity to purchase their creative pieces.

Professionals and aspiring artists alike will get the chance to book a slot to sit with senior creatives from top local agencies, such as Leo Burnett, JWT, and Landor, to help sharpen their skill set and receive constructive feedback in one-on-one Portfolio Review sessions.

With distinguished artists flying in from all corners of the world, including Europe, Australia and South America, and with an expected 2,500 attendees over the three-day event, -ING has not only grown their creative community, but also their conference program on a huge scale since their successful first festival back in March 2015.

About -ING

-ING is a creative community based in Dubai that is dedicated to running events that will unlock, develop and grow creative potential through a variety of Talks, Workshops and Portfolio Reviews.

Have a look at the Creative Festival’s website for details: www.ingcreatives.com/ing16

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