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Announcing Bamboo’s First Growth Director

Bamboo’s co-founder Daniel Pearson announces their first Growth Director and shares what made them a successfull mobile advertising agency.

As an independent, San Francisco-based agency, Bamboo was launched 4 years ago. Since then, the founders who are Daniel Pearson and Danny Sauter have been observing the growth on their works as well as in their relationships with the clients.

To keep the quality on their work high and give better service to their clients, they are now announcing Danny Sauter as the first ever Growth Director.

Here is a note from Bamboo’s CEO, Daniel Pearson:

When Danny and I founded Bamboo four years ago, we set out with a pretty humble goal: To build a small mobile advertising agency that was refreshingly different than our competition.

There were a few ways we chose to be different:

• We took a firm stance on traffic quality. We only buy from networks that we know drive real business outcomes, not just App Store rankings and low-cost installs.

• We took an almost educational approach to our media buying strategy, operations, and client relationship management. We choose to do what is right for our clients 100% of the time, even when it means recommending that they fire us.

• Outside of our client work, we wanted to be a helpful force in the industry. We try to disseminate real, actionable advice from our blog, so we help more than just our paying clients. We also try to help all advertisers that reach out to us, even if they are too small to partner with us or we aren’t accepting new business.

Fast-forward to today…

Our team has managed ~$100MM in advertising spend on behalf of some of the most innovative companies in the world. Our work has contributed to multiple of our clients being successfully acquired, and a few have even filed for IPO!

We have also taught the growth teams of many of Silicon Valley’s best companies our process and philosophy so they can continue to succeed long after our engagement is over.

Outside of our client work, Bamboo’s blog has become a great source for advertisers to grab actionable, honest advice. We have also built incredible relationships with many marketers who are not and will never be our clients. We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far and what we continue to do every day.

All of this said we can be better. The one area in particular that we can be a lot better in is our ongoing support of marketers and partners in the industry at-large.

When Bamboo was just Danny and I (and client work took up only 50% of our working hours), it was easy to share our latest tactics and data on the blog (that very few people read).

We had plenty of time to take meetings and help the startups that asked us for it (even when we knew it wouldn’t result in a client relationship).

Though we’re (only slightly) bigger than two people in a small room today, the number of clients and potential partners reaching out to us has grown substantially.

So much so that, recently, we’ve had to turn away many of them without even a helpful phone call. That is not the agency we want to be, and it’s definitely not the spirit that got us to where we are today.

That is why we’re excited to announce that my co-founder, Danny Sauter, is taking on a new role as Bamboo’s first ever Growth Director.

Danny and his team will make sure we continue to add value to the industry via our blog, via our partnerships with others, and by helping as many advertisers as we can (especially when they reach out to us and we’re not accepting new clients!).

Congratulations, Danny! I’m proud of what you’ve done thus far for so many of our clients, and I’m as excited as ever about the impact you and your team will have going forward.

About Bamboo

Bamboo works to help clients maximize the ROI of their mobile/social advertising budgets. They help advertisers acquire and retain high-value mobile customers.

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