An Interview with Alexander Igelsböck, Co-Founder and CEO at Adverity

Co-Founder and CEO at Adverity, Alexander Igelsböck joined our Q&A sessions.

If you want to learn more about the business growth strategies, recent investment and work culture at Adverity, scroll down to read the Q&A.

1. What are your values at Adverity and how do you motivate your team to stick to those values?

Our core values are delivering exceptional customer service and we are all united with a passion to revolutionize the way companies work with marketing data. To achieve this, we are focused on creating a talent pool that will be primed to meet this goal. The backbone of any company is its team, that is why we continuously invest in our people in order to retain and attract the best candidates. To motivate our team, we implemented a vast array of benefits such as a “work from anywhere” culture, harnessing the best of both remote and office-based working from our employees.

2. What are your main strategies to accelerate growth at Adverity?

Since founding the company six years ago, Adverity has been growing at a fast rate to address the increasing needs of businesses to transform marketing performance through intelligent data-driven insights. Along the journey, we had to hire the right people to help drive innovation both internally and externally, forge long-lasting relationships with our clients and demonstrate strong ROI. Critically, we are always looking to innovate to provide seamless, forward-looking technology while keeping up with the latest advancements in the fields of data analytics and marketing.

3. Adverity has taken an important investment of $120M from SoftBank Vision Fund 2 recently. How will this investment affect your strategies for the future of your platform?

The investment will help us grow our team, evolve and develop new solutions, improve access and quality, and tackle the challenges of data complexity and privacy. For example, our recent feature, ROI Advisor, has been released as a direct response to data privacy concerns as it allows marketers to track performance without the need for third-party cookies.

4. How will Adverity’s predictive technology stack evolve in 2022?

Businesses aren’t just looking back at what happened in the past, they are looking ahead to predict what will happen next. Identifying and acting upon emerging trends is essential in today’s world, and that is why AI-powered predictive technology will be key within our technology stack. Our latest data integration feature predicts if a configuration change might cause a delay in receiving data and provides advice on how to optimise in advance. More importantly, we are continuously building features that offer proactive insights into data usage in relation to the goals a business wants or needs to achieve.

5. There have been several changes in the way of doing business during the pandemic. How did you manage these challenging times?

During the pandemic, we continued to onboard new customers as businesses wanted clearer evidence about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, especially in relation to their ad spending. Marketing is key to business recovery, and with reduced budgets combined with a certain degree of economic uncertainty, businesses are increasingly looking to activate marketing campaigns with predictable ROI. Take eCommerce as an example, during the various lockdowns there was a huge spike in online shopping and historical data would be irrelevant. Brands needed proactive and forward-thinking analytics to detect changes in the market or consumer behaviour, and the resulting impact on advertising revenues.

As a company, the transition to remote working was probably smoother than most – being a Software as a Service (SaaS) company we always encouraged the freedom to work from anywhere, allowing team members to be productive in the environment that suits them best. All the teams were already well versed in conducting virtual meetings and the efforts to socialise as a team has helped us remain connected throughout the pandemic.

6. As a global company, running operations in multiple locations, what would your suggestions be for those who aim to expand their business abroad?

The new, flexible way of working is here to stay and businesses should be looking to embrace the benefits this brings. We have transitioned to a new model to bring together technology, processes, and people into a harmonised environment. Leveraging work from anywhere approach helps us establish a way of working that balances the needs of each individual while meeting the requirements of our rapidly growing company, across any location. Ultimately, we have permanently transitioned to a remote-first environment.

7. How does being a DAN member or advertising on DAN contribute to your company’s success?

We appreciate our long time collaboration with DAN Media as it is a trustworthy partner for Adverity. We’ve seen impressive results coming from our media campaigns performed on their website and we are proud to associate our brand with a high-quality media publisher such as DAN Media.