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An Anatomy Of The Perfect Social Media Post For Your Brand

Your social media strategy is one of those things that can be very hard to nail down.

Ever wonder if you can have the perfect social media post for maximum engagement and reach?

The success and virality of a post depends on a number of factors such as design aesthetics, post timing, distribution channel characteristics, content quality and the frequency of posts.

However, there are some tips and tricks unique to each channel that can enhance your chances of success and make your posts travel far and wide. Here are some updated key tips on the best practices for each channels:


Currently, videos seem to be hot and trending on Facebook. Shorter posts, with compelling copy and a link are just as appealing. Check out how brands on Facebook like Coca-Cola; that shares brand initiatives and campaigns, and McDonald’s; that shares a flurry of incredible campaigns and engaging content, made it big and earned a staggering number of followers.


The right hashtags, an attractive image and a call-to-action is the recipe to success on this social forum. Wrap it all in 100-120 words and let the image do the rest. Also, Twitter can be very personal, so brands that reply, retweet and converse with the audience usually standout here. Here are the Twitter links of Samsung and Chanel, two brands that are dominating this platform.


Pinterest can be a major traffic-driver for any brand. According to research, vertical images in red with little background work best on Pinterest. Throw in some descriptive copy optimized for SEO, with a call-to-action and leverage this channel. See how brands on Pinterest like Etsy; with its colorful and diverse boards, and L.L.Bean; with boards catering to every category, nail it here.


The prettier your image the better. This platform is all about shining out, giving your audience sneak peeks at brand happenings and behind-the-scenes. Using location tags, trending hashtags and fun emoji’s can get you an approval nod from your audience here and keep them engaged. Discover how brands utilize Instagram, such as Nike and Starbucks that own this social forum with appealing images and fun hashtags.


Google+ isn’t yet seen as a hot platform by marketers, but it worked remarkably well for some brands in terms of audience engagement and reach such as RedBull; sharing their stunts and brand updates, and Ford; posting original content, like archival photos or live video chats. Simply use hashtags, appealing images and good read-worthy material. Give Google+ a shot, it may surprise you.

Have a look at this cheat sheet by Quicksprout that gives tips to conjure the perfect social media post:

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

When it doubt, let this image be your guide to craft the perfect social media post for maximum engagement and audience reach. Good luck!

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