Amnesty Launches The “Fear Of The Sky” Virtual Reality Campaign

“Fear of the sky” is a new humanitarian Virtual Reality campaign, showing the destruction of a Syrian city by barrel bombs.

The Fear of the sky Virtual Reality campaign website takes the viewer to the wrecked city Aleppo and explains the reason for such devastation.


The president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, claims that government do not possess or use barrel bombs, but the video proves the opposite.

The narrator, Syrian activist and blogger, then says:

Welcome to Syria. A place where people live in the fear of the sky, scanning the horizon for helicopters, armed with barrel bombs.

Tour continues with public zones – food market, school, big streets – places usually crowded with people but in Aleppo they are abandoned.


Visitors of the “Fear of the Sky” site can navigate around “photospheres” which capture the consequences of bombing attacks, stories of civilians and volunteers who help injured victims.

The 360 Syria campaign was created by Amnesty International and Junior in partnership with Syrian media activist, Lamba Media Production.

Zac Rolland, technology lead at Junior said:

The devastation in Syria is heart-breaking. Our challenge was to find the most compelling and accessible way for technology to help the world understand and experience what is happening on the ground. WebVR does just that.

Fear of the Sky aims at creating an empathy-building experience and educate about situation in Syria. Viewers can donate to Amnesty to help protect the civilians and empower peaceful activist.

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