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American Vogue Partners With Apple To Launch Their New Augmented Reality Features On iPhone X

It has been reported that Vogue US has partnered with Apple to create an AR-powered iPhone feature for iMessage called “The Vogue Effect”.

“The Vogue Effect” iMessage extension uses the front camera and the Face ID feature to create a hyper-dimensional filter likely for Instagram and Snapchat. Also created using Apple‘s ARKit technology, iPhone X users need to have the Vogue app in order to access the filters, but it can be applied directly via iMessage once installed.

Arlie Sisson, VP of Emerging Products at Condé Nast said:

This is experimentation, leveraging technology and pushing our creativity in new ways.It’s unexpected, but it makes sense because [leading] is what we do best.

the-vogue-effect-apple-iphone American Vogue partners with Apple to launch augmented reality features on iPhone X

The new feature lets users layer trends for the next season —S/S2018 over their milieu and create an image which can be downloadable or users can send them to their friends as a message. The company promises more trends and collaborations with industry talents in the future.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook explained the initiative, and he referred to AR and fashion marketing in an interview with Vogue on October. Consumers can now see how fashion and beauty looks on them through mobile apps and smartphone cameras. According to Forbes, research from Digital Bridge shows that 69% of surveyed consumers now expect retailers to launch AR apps within the next 6 months.

Tim Cook also commented,

I don’t think there is any sector or industry that will be untouched by AR. If you think about a runway show in the fashion world, that’s a great application of AR because some of these, you want to see the dress all the way around, you do not want to just see the front. That kind of experience is all the more important now that runway shows are catering to a wider consumer audience watching online, and not just those seated in the front rows.

The new feature for iMessage will be available exclusively on the newly launched iPhone X on December 1.

Fashion may be one of the biggest industries directly related to new generation technologies and we bet this giant collaboration is a making everyone in the industry impatient. Nice work!

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