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AI for SEO: How AI Can Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization is on the agenda of all businesses, and AI for SEO is groundbreaking. 

Good keyword research might have been enough to get your content ranked high in the past. But SEO is much more sophisticated nowadays, and you need every help you can get to adapt to it.

On the other hand, AI is integrating into all industries: 37% of businesses and organizations have said they employ AI to some degree. Advancements in AI are creating new opportunities to improve SEO strategy. 


AI already offers better content topic generation, content optimization, and keyword research services. Moreover, it shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to helping digital marketers achieve better results.

How AI Can Improve SEO

AI is a convoluted term that changes meanings mainly depending on the context. It can mean anything from sci-fi concepts like sentient programs that don’t exist yet to more basic things like speech recognition. But AI for SEO usually refers to concepts like deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing.

SEO specialists can improve their workflow in many different ways using SEO and get consistent progress in website traffic.


Let’s talk about how you can use AI to help you with your SEO strategy

Data Analysis 

Marketing is a numbers game. So while planning a strategy covering SEO, you need to analyze those numbers so that you’ll determine how well you are doing. All this number crunching would be impossible to do by humans if it wasn’t for AI. 

Website analytic tools can help your content marketing specialists easily access information. Therefore, they can improve their performance and achieve better results for your business. Within this process, AI can help you analyze this data to help you learn from other successful marketing campaigns and create a better SEO strategy of your own.

Content Analysis 

Of course, crunching numbers is not the only thing AI could do for SEO. For example, you can use AI to analyze already existing content to learn what makes it so successful or not basically. 

  • What are the content creators doing right? 
  • What are the keywords they use? 
  • How long are the articles?

All of this can be answered thanks to different tools SEO specialists utilize. In addition, better knowledge of the existing successful content will inspire you to improve your own content in different ways.     


Artificial intelligence can allow businesses to automate a good chunk of their repetitive tasks when utilized correctly. You can’t say no to that in today’s competitive and fast work environment. Therefore, you should always replace time-consuming methods with more optimized practices to lead the way in terms of productivity.

AI-powered SEO content can help improve the workflow of your content marketing team by assisting them to work more efficiently in things like market research, data filtration, and of course, content creation. 

Voice and Text Search Optimization

While so much of the conversation about SEO revolves around the textual aspects, you shouldn’t forget about voice search. There are 135 million people only in the US that use voice search features. 

AI can help you get better voice search optimization. This is because people’s words and phrases are different from those in textual searches. The language we usually use when we talk differs from how we type. 

AI can help you differentiate between voice and text search patterns to improve your SERP for each category. 

Better UX

It is all about the customers at the end of the day. All the effort that businesses go through is to create a better service for their customers. But, how to make your business more appealing to your target audience? No doubt that UX is a game-changer. 

AI will improve the user experience by making the content better. After that, it will customize their experience personally for them. The search behaviors and past interactions with search engines will help AI have an educated guess on what your target audience might do in the future. 

It will then tailor the experience with search engines specifically to get better search results depending on our needs.

AI can even optimize the technical aspects of your website to make it work more consistently and faster, which in turn improves the user experience.  

How to Use AI For SEO

Having a theoretical understanding of AI and its contributions to SEO is one thing but having the practical knowledge to utilize it correctly is another. Additionally, knowing where to use the knowledge you have acquired will determine your success in leveraging the benefits of AI-based search engine optimization.

Content Optimization

AI for SEO offers you ways to improve content before publishing it to your website for the world to see. With AI SEO tools, you can analyze the content at your hand. 

  • How to structure your paragraph, 
  • What headings to use,
  • The ideal length of sentences,
  • The keyword density,
  • Content relevancy and more.

These are all important things to get a good SERP. 

AI SEO tools can also identify interlinking opportunities by already having extensive knowledge of your website’s content. When the AI notices a topic you already have an article about, it can automatically suggest you link to it in your article.

The importance of images to get a SERP is also often overlooked. AI can search for relevant images that would go well with your content. 

Keyword Research

This is a continuation of the content optimization entry, but it is so important that I think it deserves its own item. 

It is one of the first things we think of about SEO. And even if the reader’s experience matters enormously, keywords are still critical. However, when done manually, keyword research takes a long time. 

On the other hand, AI can provide you with a wide selection of keywords to improve your SEO. AI for SEO lets you choose relevant keywords with good volume and reasonable competition.

Artificial intelligence will allow you to identify trending words used in your industry and help you discover these topics. So, you can 

  • look for relevant keywords to your business, 
  • analyze the number of searches or volume these keywords get, 
  • find keywords that you can be more competitive using AI 

In this way, AI makes the SEO process easier for your team. 

SERP Analysis

The search engine results page is where your content goes to prove itself. So, we can’t stress enough how important it is to understand why the top spots are occupied with the content it is occupied with. They are your competitors, after all.

You can use AI for SEO to analyze the similarities between the top-ranking content. For example, what are they doing right? What topics are they talking about? How are their articles structured? What about their blog design and the images they use?

Use the power of AI to analyze their optimal keyword density, paragraph volumes, and images. Then compare your own content with theirs to get a step closer to the top results. Finally, do reverse engineering to discover the keys to success to use it for your own purpose using AI.  

Generating Topics

You need to provide good value to your readers to get your content out there and AI content tools can help you with this. Making the millionth post about an already worn-out topic won’t help you get traffic. Instead, your chosen topics will be what makes or breaks your marketing campaign.

Allow AI to generate new topics for you and analyze the already existing data on these topics.

Don’t post about the same old topics that have been discussed to death. Instead, improve your content by touching on topics waiting to be discovered by talented writers to drive more traffic to your website.   

Content Creation

This one is a touchy subject. Some say it automates a creative job and makes it lose its soul, and some say it is a productive method of creating content. Truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

AI already has the information on the most effective SEO trends and knowledge of past content. Especially if your content is relatively technical, AI can even create content.

Content created by AI today is vastly inferior to what professional writers can achieve. Still, some writers use it to create a base for their articles, then make tweaks to the text and add parts of their own creativity to make it palatable.

Key Takeaways

The requirement for perfect SEO is changing every day. Just when we start understanding it better, the rules of the game change at a moment’s notice. But some of its requirements stay the same. So it is your responsibility to adapt to its changing ways and stay ahead of the curve to become an industry figurehead.

AI is just one tool that will help you achieve the results you are looking for. It will help your process of adaptation in countless ways. The best thing about it is how promising it looks. AI started seeing use in SEO relatively recently and is already looking to be the best friend of content marketing specialists. 

We are looking forward to witnessing it reach its full potential with the support of SEO agencies.  You can also check our brand new SEO companies in the UK directory if you’re looking for one.

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