Agencies Can Ramp Up Performance Marketing with AI-powered Web Accessibility

Agencies of all sizes can benefit from web accessibility when it comes to performance marketing. Optimizing the user experience, connecting with an untapped market, and increasing conversion rates are just a few of the reasons you should consider an AI-powered solution. 

It takes great determination and dedication to maintain your performance efforts as an agency owner. From reaching the right audience with the relevant messaging and lifting conversion rates, to optimizing CTRs and hitting other KPI targets, it’s a constant pursuit to enhance your performance marketing strategies while striving for great results. 

It may come to you as a surprise that web accessibility can help you get ahead of the competition. It improves performance by simultaneously working with other tactics and measures you’ve implemented as a means to strong optimization, such as SEO. 

Currently, thousands of agencies provide web accessibility services as part of their offerings, and it’s about time you join them on this inclusion front. Marketing to and making websites accessible for 25% of the U.S. population living with disabilities is simply the right thing to do, and it mitigates the legal risk associated with inaccessible websites. Agencies that offer web accessibility to their clients, and host solutions on their sites as well, come to quickly realize that accessible websites do perform better. 

Reaching web accessibility standards and implementing the proper practices isn’t as complicated or time-consuming as it once was. While agencies, in the past, had to allocate massive resources to achieving and maintaining web accessibility on their clients’ websites, AI-powered solutions have now made it easier to add web accessibility to your service offering. After a 2-minute installation, these AI-powered solutions make it possible for you to provide web accessibility to your clients and make their digital assets accessible and compliant. 

Let’s dive into how AI-Powered web accessibility solutions optimize performance marketing:

  • Expand your campaigns’ market reach

The 25% of the population that lives with a disability are experiencing barriers and interferences when trying to use your clients’ websites. This is a large portion of the consumer market that your clients could be targeting and creating transaction opportunities for, and with a buying power of $1.2 trillion, that’s not a piece of the population you want to overlook. Making a website accessible means opening your clients’ websites up to these new revenue channels. That’s not a ship you want to miss before it sails, right? 

AI-powered web accessibility solutions in today’s market utilize robust, computer vision technologies to ensure that websites are automatically accessible to those living with disabilities; a solution like accessiBe’s accessWidget, which installs in two short minutes, could help you move toward this standard in a business-friendly way. 

  • Increase retention rates by reaching a loyal, yet untapped market

Today, there are 7 million websites in the U.S. that are already proactively inclusive, accessible, and compliant. By making your clients’ sites accessible and compliant, it means that they’re likely to establish stronger business relationships with people with disabilities, who will return to those websites more frequently. This, in turn, contributes to higher customer retention and loyalty. However, it also means that people with disabilities who use your clients’ websites will spread the word to their friends and family, boosting brand reputation, too! Integrating with AI-powered web accessibility solutions helps achieve all three of these business-boosting KPIs. 

  • Lift conversion rates with a tailor-made user experience

AI-powered web accessibility solutions take more than a one-size-fits-all approach. People with disabilities should be given the opportunity to adjust a website according to their specific needs, and advanced AI-powered solutions employ this within their interface or background technology. At times, a widget will provide a profile or bundle of accessibility adjustments that can be triggered with one click of the mouse or keyboard; this option allows the user to improve their level of interactions without delay or disruption, leading to high conversion rates for your clients’ websites. 

It’s also important to consider loading speed and other performance metrics that are typically impacted by website add-ons. These types of solutions may hinder metrics such as loading speed, but AI-powered solutions simply don’t interfere with this function due to their asynchronous loading nature. Essentially, people with disabilities accessing and interacting with your clients’ websites won’t experience buffering, loading, or other technical glitches with an AI-powered solution at the helm. 

  • Web accessibility is a business win-win

By offering an AI-powered web accessibility solution as part of your service offerings you’ll be doing more than just generating great business; you’ll be doing the right thing. AI-powered solutions, specifically, will take into account every performance marketing measure and effort you put forth into running a successful agency.  

It’s a no-brainer; decreasing the risk of litigation and consistently remediating inaccessible content on your clients’ websites, which automation takes care of for you, will bring web accessibility forward as the new standard while you gain peace of mind. 

Web accessibility is a standard with agencies of all sizes already incorporating AI-powered solutions into their offerings. They’re bridging the web accessibility gap as a result, enabling people with disabilities to take advantage of every good and service that the internet offers. Reaching this standard is easier than ever, and can be done in just a few minutes with the right solution for you and your clients, alongside a company that shares all of our vision for an accessible internet. 

The value of adding web accessibility to your service offerings is crystal clear and unbeatable. To start your web accessibility journey, come and learn about accessiBe’s Partnership Program where you can claim your free agency license today. Also read more about How Can Agencies Supercharge Profitability article from our blog.

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