AdVisible Achieved an Incredible 2,300% ROI on SEO for Macros

Whether it’s a university student or a mother of two, there’s no denying that people across the country are time-poor and struggling to prepare fresh, healthy meals.

Macros help Aussies take control of their wellbeing and be at their personal best with nutritious, dietitian-designed, chef-made meals delivered fresh to their door.

In recent years, competition has exploded in the ready-made meal delivery industry. Macros believed they had a superior product — now it was time to increase their brand awareness, increase traffic and conversions through their website, and bring the Macros lifestyle to more people around the country.

Macros’ Objectives

  • Improve brand awareness and credibility in the digital space
  • Boost rankings for targeted and competitive keywords
  • Drive qualified traffic to the website to convert
  • Increase sign-ups for Macros’ meal delivery service

The Strategy

SEO is a highly cost-effective method to increase brand awareness online, drive traffic, and skyrocket conversions, particularly in a hyper-competitive industry like ready-made meal deliveries. However, it requires a systematic approach and a long-term mindset in order to succeed.

AdVisible worked with Macros to develop a highly targeted SEO strategy to help them increase their visibility and reach their target audience online. Their team of analysts kicked off the process with a discovery session, which allowed them to truly understand Macros’ product offering and unique point of difference.

During this time, AdVisible also reviewed how Macros stacked up against competitors organically on search engines and performed a deep-dive into the data — identifying the SEO tactics that would work areas of improvement, and opportunities for Macros to capture a larger market share.

AdVisible’s Approach

With 12 months to achieve their ambitious SEO goals, AdVisible got straight to work. In close partnership with the Macros team, they identified target keywords that were regularly searched by their target audience and developed a comprehensive plan to map these keywords across the site.

No aspect of SEO was untouched: AdVisible harnessed technical, on-page, and off-page tactics, in order to give Macros the best chance of ranking at the top of Google’s search results.

At the same time, AdVisible understood that SEO is all about the long game. It takes patience, an arsenal of technical skills, and experience, which is why they relentlessly monitored the SEO metrics, stayed on top of algorithm changes, and looked out for new keywords to help Macros take advantage of new opportunities.

No matter what challenges Google threw their way, AdVisible remained focused on the end goal: improving Macros’ ranking for relevant search terms on Google.

Results So Far

When it comes to results, AdVisible definitely delivered — and they are incredibly proud of what they have achieved in partnership with Macros. Since commencing their SEO strategy in March 2019, Macros has seen an incredible +2,300% ROI from SEO, as well as a whopping 1,156% increase in organic sessions and a 1,651% increase in revenue.

On top of this, Macros’ SEO efforts have put the business in a strong position to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more consumers started browsing for online meal delivery services.

From the beginning of 2020, Macros has consistently experienced positive month-on-month growth and their website visibility, the probability of a user clicking through in the SERP and average positions of keywords have all increased.

About AdVisible

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