Creative Advertising Campaigns That Feature Donald Trump

Donald Trump wins the presidential election and becomes the 45th president of the United States!

Avoiding the political issues, we should state that his very own style and personality influenced the marketing industry.

Here are some advertising campaigns and various ad examples featuring Donald Trump, that express sense of humor and anti-Trump content.


Office Challenge, August 2009

Oreo presents its Double Stuf Gold featuring Donald Trump and Manning Brothers. They doubled Trump to compete with Mannings. Although Trump and Oreo is still an issue, this is the oldest ad on our advertising campaigns list.

Top Magzine

Donald Trump, April 2014


This is a print ad by Almap BBDO Brazil for the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment magazine, TOP Magazine. Illustrated in 2014, the main idea was about billionaires’ next lives. The spot says ‘In his next life, Donald Trump could come back as an owl, the time to enjoy your money is now.’

In addition to Trump, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have their own illustrations as well. The release won a Bronze Lion in magazine/publications & media category in Cannes Lions, in 2014.


Billionaires, Donald Trump, May 2012


An ad campaign from Ogilvy Brazil and likewise above, the other billionaires on the list are Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Richard Branson. The main idea of the campaign is ‘what would the world be like if there’s no ____.’ We clearly see that there would be 26 less skyscrapers and 6 less casinos, at least.

Trust Cargo

Trump Channel, June 2016


It’s a salutation to the issues happening in the world throughout this year, and Donald Trump is one of them. The slogan of the campaign says, “Whatever becomes of the world, your cargo will get there.”


Americans abroad, vote! October 2016
Uncle Grey


A clever bus ad from Denmark’s Socialist People’s Party. The anti-Trump outdoor advertising is a bus-wrap with the googley-eyes. The ad campaign is pleading American expats to vote.

In Denmark alone “8,714 Americans are able to vote and the Danish Socialist People’s Party have their eyes literally rolling -at the candidate-.

Atomic Candy

Halloween – Trump, October 2016


Close to Halloween and the presidential election, Atomic Candy wanted to share this comical ad.  Stating ‘The second scariest day of the year.’, the ad features the anger of the candidate. This ad has a Hillary version as well.


Tea for Trump, July 2016
Fisheye Creative Solutions


This is a ‘calm-down-call’ for Trump in homage to green tea. The Indian tea company TE-A-ME, raised its voice with launching an advertising campaign called #teafortrump.

They invite the former president to drink green tea and convince him to make a habit out of it. The video had reached 4,449,761 total views and 25,601 live tweets posted.

It is clear that political events bring out creativity in agencies and we can confidently say that Trump will be a part of marketing campaigns for a long time!

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