Adobe’s 3D Design Tool Adds A New Dimension To Photoshop

Combining the elements of 2D and 3D, Project Felix’s target audience are designers who need to mock-up realistic scenes.

Yesterday, Adobe announced its brand new project called Project Felix that lets users build 3D objects, assign lighting, materials, insert images and then render it in high-quality. Felix will allow users to build product shots, scene visualizations, and abstract art.

The tool itself is divided into two parts: a design mode and a rendering mode. The design mode is essentially a 3D compositing tool, but it also includes some other smart features. So basically, the program will allow users to place 3D objects into any background image.

Design Mode for Project Felix:


The application can automatically detect lighting in a scene and positions a source accordingly. This makes shadows and reflections look like they fit the scene. Similarly, Felix will try to position objects so they align with the horizon.

All the features in the Project Felix are listed as designer-targeted interface and focused workflows, auto-Lights, Auto-Align to Image Horizon, Magic Wand with 3D aware, Real-time Render Preview Window, State of the art photorealistic rendering, seamless workflow with Photoshop, Adobe Stock assets, Adobe CC Libraries and physically realistic (MDL) material editing.

Project Felix is planned to debut at Adobe MAX 2016 and is expected to be available for download as a beta desktop app for Windows 10 and Mac OSX later this year. The app will be only in English at the first release and will be available worldwide for Creative Cloud customers with a paid subscription.

Seems like the project of the lead company will be an evolution for graphic designers.

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