Adobe Unveils A Technology To Let You Take The Perfect Selfie Using AI

Adobe has used its own technology named Sensei which helps you edit your selfies for perfection through endless possibilities.

At the annual Adobe MAX Conference last fall, the company debuted Sensei: a combination of AI and machine learning tools that can basically analyze an image before applying edits. To show how it works, the company released a video that demonstrates the features of Sensei.

The star feature of the program is its ability to copy the field and style of any given photograph and transfer it to another photograph. The researchers from Adobe and Cornell University, published a paper titled the feature as “Deep Photo Style Transfer” which means users can “transfer a typical selfie into a flattering portrait” and this is a lot to do, even for Instagram.

Thanks to the new technology, a mobile app could also allow for perspective editing and automatic photo masking. A liquify tool updates the perspective of a selfie with a slider, keeping the subject’s face in proportion while the edits are applied.

Alike Photoshop Fix, some tools are mutual, such as the liquify tool which edits perspective and a slider to keep the user’s face in proportion. If the user needs to adjust the depth of the background, portrait masking can easily help with a simple slider adjustment.

This innovative development hasn’t been created as a standalone-app yet, but will officially release soon under the platform of Sensei.

The company is eager to bring desktop-friendly features to mobile, so don’t be surprised if Adobe will take over the selfie generation!

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