Adidas Now Introduces A Personalized Shopping App

Sports clothing giant Adidas has just announced its first mobile shopping app which listens to customers’ preferences and behaviours.

The new app shows an identical feature by offering customised product recommendations and real-time updates for its users, considering their areas of interest such as sports that they’re actively playing, or they follow.

Moreover, the app gives inspiration by providing blog posts and videos related to what Adidas lovers are looking for. Also, encourages users to share their own styles by offering them a “Share How You Wear It” feature.


With the chat function in the app, customers are able to get help when they need to learn any additional details about the product they are looking for as well.

Joseph Godsey, the brand’s Head of Digital Commerce said:

With the adidas app we are truly enhancing and personalizing our consumer’s experience with adidas. With one tap, consumers can now purchase directly through the app, track their order, interact with the brand and benefit from a customized newsfeed.

The app, which is powered by Salesforce technology, is available for all type of product purchases.

Adidas fans from the U.S and UK will be able to find the app both in iOS and Android, and complete transactions with using tap-to-buy capabilities through Apple Pay and Android Pay.

According to the information provided by Adidas, the new app is planned to be rolled out in more countries until the first half of 2018 is over and it’s aimed to be improved with AI technology in time.


Adidas has been focusing on a powerful headline, “Creating the New” for their 2020 strategy.

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