Adidas Launched Its Falcon W Sneaker On Snapchat

After Nike and Air Jordan partnership, Snapchat seems to work like a mini-sneaker store. Adidas’ old-and-gold sneaker, Falcon W rolled out on a Snapchat show called Fashion 5 Ways. Being one of the most popular snapchat shows, users on the show could swipe up and buy the shoe via app, and the buying process is supported by Shopify.

According to Adidas, the sales potential was 100% and the stocks were sold out in six hours, yet Adidas declined to announce how many pair of shoes they sold.

Meanwhile, a Snapchat spokesperson mentions that the audience was about millions and 70 of them are between 13 to 24 yea-old. Even celebrities including Ariana Grande, Niki Minaj and Kylie Jenner advise their fans to use the platform.



Senior Director, Digital Activation, North America at Adidas, Chris Murphy commented,

This partnership with Snapchat was all about coming closer to our consumer and bringing a unique brand experience to one of the platforms that they value the most. Going into this collaboration, we wanted to bridge the gap between content and commerce. We matched great content with exclusive product knowing it would connect with the right audience.

We are continuously exploring how to provide brand and product experiences that are more personal to our consumers and that seamlessly integrate with the technology and media they already use.

Lee Hnetinka, CEO of Darkstore, which normally does on-demand fulfillment, said this partnership wasn’t that much different from previous ones the company’s done with Snapchat.

Our partnership with Snapchat really enables any one of their brands to do these innovative social commerce launches with really very little effort. I think Snapchat is doing something that no one else has done which is connecting something digital with something physical in a way that’s really seamless.

A great tribute to the Adidas Originals and Berlin Transportation set-up, this project is highly related to social media. For the Falcon fans, the delivery store will deliver the shoe to the users until Sept. 6.


It’s unfortunately a fact that Snapchat is not even close when comparing to its old days, but these small steps can surely help the company to get their reputation back to normal.