Adidas And Prada Unveil Their First Partnership Collection With A Hyperbolic Campaign Film

Prada and Adidas officially unveiled their collaborative Superstar sneaker and the film from Johannes Leonardo highlights the attention that went into the companies’ limited-edition collection.

Adidas’ latest big fashion partnership is the Italian fashion house, Prada. Just in time for the iconic Adidas Superstar shoe’s 50th birthday in 2020, the two brands have collaborated on a limited-edition run of the brand’s regular sneaker, as well as a new version of Prada’s iconic bowling bag, both of which will feature both companies’ logos.

For the campaign of the collection, Johannes Leonardo created this mesmerizing, hyperbolic film illustrating the detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating each shoe and bag. Set in a sterile, miniature version of Prada’s factory-lab, it features disembodied hands gracefully putting each piece into place, from Adidas’ cut-out stripes and shell toe, to Prada’s leather name labels.


This is just the latest of the agency’s clever ideas for the brand and its fashion partners. Previously, it was behind the brand’s unusual campaigns for Adidas’ partnership with Alexander Wang, which included a blackmarket-themed New York Fashion Week promotion and a new collection drop via bike messenger.

The collection is extremely exclusive, with availability limited to 700 pieces and each numbered with a unique serial number. Starting December 4, the collaboration will retail globally across 19 Prada stores, in cities like Paris, London, Beijing, and Tokyo.

It’s also available in the US at Prada’s stores in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles and online. You can also check our brand new luxury brands marketing agencies in USA, UK, Canada and Australia if you’re looking for one.